Quotes / Easily Forgiven

Live-action TV

"You're all the same, you screaming kids, you know that? 'Look at me, I'm unforgivable!' Well, here's the unforeseeable, I forgive you, after all you've done! I forgive you."
The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who, "The Zygon Inversion"

J.D. (narrating): The worst part was knowing right then that I could never forgive her. *Elliot leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek* I forgive her.

Newspaper comics

"On second thought, let's see you grovel a little bit!"
Susie, Calvin and Hobbes


Zadok: I almost hope it is Junior. We need to patch things up with him before the strip ends.
Terra: Come back, Junior! All is forgiven!
Junior: ... really?
Zadok: Sure.
Terra: Why not?
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Web original

"Batman decides to smack Silver around a bit…but it’s okay, because she understands that he did it because he loves her and thinks she might be a robot. Oh well. At least he apologizes. This is all done, I swear to God, so that Batman can learn that not everyone is a robot."

'Lex, I know things haven't been easy between us lately, but please, help!'

Lex doesn't say, 'Uh, you beat the crap out of me a little while back, you're researching a book that's being written to tear my company down, and now you're accusing me of creating a vampire sorority.'
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Thirst")

Web Video

"I trust you implicitly, thieving child."

Light! For being Kira, and squandering our family's reputation, you are GROUNDED, mister!

Sorry about that whole shooting you thing. But, I know if you look deep into your heart... Which is currently all over that tree...

Cloud: What the fuck, Darth Sith?
Cait Sith: Uh oh! Looks like I'm busted on this one! I was workin' for Shinra all along, fellas. Let's just forget this ever happened, hyuck hyuck.
Cloud: Forgive an' forget, dat's what I say. [to Aerith] Fuckin' KILL THAT PIECE OF SHIT!

"I know you tried to kill me. I know you just said you were going to take over my home world with an army of mind controlled students, and I know you were an evil succubus and totally had all intentions of doing that about two seconds ago, but you know what? You accept friendship, so you're cool in my book."

Sarah: I forgive you, Hoggle.
Chick: Well, that was painless!

The Chick: Vegetalo, we'll be glad to have you on our team!
Vegetalo: Thank you.
Sosuke Bosuke: Guys, Vegetalo killed my entire family. Remember that scene where he was like:
Past Vegetalo: Look upon your dead family, Sosuke Bosuke! Every single one of them slain by my hand! Fuck you, Sosuke Bosuke! Your family sucks! I will never regret doing this!
Sosuke Bosuke: I think he's getting off a teensy bit scot-free...
The Chick: Yeah, but Sosuke, look; he has a funny moustache now! And he's so endearing and a good guy!

Western Animation

"It's weird. Now that I know everything Zhalia went through, I kinda want to forgive her."

Kai: Thanks for coming to get me. I'm really sorry about stealing your wallets, and running away, and getting you stuck on that train.
Bolin: [Sighs and goes to hug Kai.] We can't stay mad at you.
Mako: Yes, we can! I had a lot of money in that wallet!
In Harm's Way, The Legend of Korra

"Nick assumes Corey has his reasons."
Nick Mallory, Grojband, "On the Air and Out to Sea"

Ignignokt: Come on, Meatman. Let's go break the law to fill your primitive needs.
Meatwad: Well, I don't think so! Last time you were here you threw me at an old lady's mail box and you made me moon boyscout troop 324!
Err: Hahah, we did.
Ignignokt: Well, this time we won't.
Meatwad: Okay, cool. Let me just go get my keys.
Revenge of the Mooninites, Aqua Teen Hunger Force