Quotes: Easily Forgiven

Zadok: I almost hope it is Junior. We need to patch things up with him before the strip ends.
Terra: Come back, Junior! All is forgiven!
Junior: ... really?
Zadok: Sure.
Terra: Why not?
1/0 [1]

"On second thought, let's see you grovel a little!"
Susie, Calvin and Hobbes

Light! For being Kira, and squandering our family's reputation, you are GROUNDED, mister!

Sorry about that whole shooting you thing. But, I know if you look deep into your heart... Which is currently all over that tree...

''"It's weird. Now that I know everything Zhalia went through, I kinda want to forgive her.

J.D. (narrating): The worst part was knowing right then that I could never forgive her. *Elliot leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek* I forgive her.

Buzz: I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.
Woody: Oh, well, that's good.
Buzz: [leans in] But we're not on my planet. [grabs Woody by the collar] Are we?
Toy Story

"I trust you implicitly, thieving child."

Seto Kaiba: I can't believe the five of you tried to take over my company.
Mokuba: And don't forget how they kidnapped me!
Seto Kaiba: Yeah... that too.
Gansley: Mr. Kaiba, please let us explain. We were just pretending to work for Pegasus!
Seto Kaiba: I instantly forgive you. But I'm still pretty sore about that whole trying to kill me thing.

Pegasus: Well, when we first met, you took out my eyeball and replaced it with a cursed artifact. But I'm sure this time you have only the best intentions for me.
Shadi: Yes, I screw you up good.

"Oh look grandpa, it's that guy who kidnapped your soul and then tried to kill me. But now he's our friend."

"Nick assumes Corey has his reasons."
Nick Mallory, Grojband, "On the Air and Out to Sea"

"Twilight pretty much said: 'I know you tried to kill me. I know you just said you were going to take over my home world with an army of mind controlled students, and I know you were an evil succubus and totally had all intentions of doing that about two seconds ago, but you know what? You accept friendship, so you're cool in my book.'"

Sarah: I forgive you, Hoggle.
Chick: Well that was painless!
"Batman decides to smack Silver around a bit…but it’s okay, because she understands that he did it because he loves her and thinks she might be a robot. Oh well. At least he apologizes. This is all done, I swear to God, so that Batman can learn that not everyone is a robot. He has to learn to trust."

"Lana goes to see Lex, and they have a relational moment talking about Clark's dilemma, and how both of them have lost a parent and thus have something in common. It's a scene that shouldn't have made it in, and an annoying one at that. It's basically a tailor-made scene to show how Lex and Lana have something to relate to each other with, when they really don't, and also a way to show why they're suddenly friends after she almost got killed because of his drunk driving. Now, picture this scene the NORMAL way. Lana bursting in, furious that Lex drove drunk and confronting him about it. Lex having...well, no excuse, making for the first 'Lana bursting in' scene in a long time that makes coherent sense.

Instead, status quo and dodging a tough issue that would be VERY good to cover on a family show. Because, as you may know, family coverup is a large part of what makes drunk driving possible, just ask viewers like you and PBS."
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Vengeance")

"Perhaps one of the best and most efficient ways to ensure that your public apology goes off without a hitch is to issue it on a late night talk show — in fact, that's probably the only reason those things still exist. Hugh Grant knew this all the way back in '95 and apologized on Jay Leno's show for being caught with a prostitute and cheating on his wife. Jonah Hill went on Jimmy Fallon's show to issue yet another top-notch apology, and Gary Oldman followed suit by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to issue his second — and better received — apology. ("Remember when I was in Harry Potter? Remember how magical that was?")"''

Ignignokt: Come on, Meatman. Let’s go break the law to fill your primitive needs.
Meatwad: Well, I don’t think so! Last time you were here you threw me at an old lady’s mail box and you made me moon boyscout troop 324!
Err: Hahah, we did.
Ignignokt: Well this time we won’t.
Meatwad: Okay, cool. Let me just go get my keys.