Quotes: Dying Moment of Awesome

"There's only one way for a professional soldier to die. That's from the last bullet of the last battle of the last war."
George S. Patton, Patton

Climb to the top of the world
And as you stand tall you will see
That when you fall
You will fall from a height most men have never reached.
The Protomen, "The Fall"

Shot down in a blaze of glory
Take me now but know the truth
'Cause I'm going down in a blaze of glory
Bon Jovi, "Blaze of Glory"

In anger smites | the warder of earth,
Forth from their homes | must all men flee;
Nine paces fares | the son of Fjorgyn,
And, slain by the serpent, | fearless he sinks.
Voluspa, stanza 56, describing Thor's defeat, and death by venom, of the serpent

"This is a cool way to die!"
Fry being carried off by a robot pterodactyl, Futurama

"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it."
Gold Roger, setting off the entire plot of One Piece at his execution.

Tony: Definitely didn't picture my demise like this. I'd always figured going out like Cagney in "White Heat" - fiery explosion. Or Redford and Newman in "Butch Cassidy" - hail of bullets!
Gibbs: Or Charlie Chaplin in "The Gold Rush."
Tony: How did he die?
Gibbs: Silently.

"There is one way to never see your country come to ruin, and that is to die in the last ditch."
King William III of England (the origin of the phrase "last-ditch")

"Once you decide that you're going to have the death of Spock, then how does that affect the other people? Why is it there? I got a lot of stick from a lot of people from the very beginning about the idea of killing Spock. Somebody said, "You can't kill him." And I said, "Sure you can; the only question is whether you do it well."
Nicholas Meyer, Director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

"The Flash bursts into flames, which is pretty harsh, but don't pretend that isn't the most badass way to go out. When you get to heaven after dying by way of exploding from going too fast, you get a high-five from God."

The Nostalgia Critic on Micky Rourke's death-by-tigers in Double Team.

"The rise and fall of Tony Montana, and what a way to go out."
James Rolfe describing the final shoot-out in Scarface (1983)

"Get this: The Anti-Monitor, the biggest bad guy of them all, is ready to blow up all of reality. So what does Supergirl do? She punches him. And punches him, and punches, and punches and punches and just wails on the guy until one lucky blast from the Anti-Monitor kills her. But her death had meaning. It had soul. It showed a character dying to save lives. She wasn't just some victim or shock death. She forced the heavily-injured Anti-Monitor to retreat... Bottom line, if a character's going to die, they'd better go out swingin'!"
Linkara, describing this trope (and inspiring this trope page)

"This is a man who knew he was dying and decided to make his own eulogy by levitating 2 meters off the ground and firing lightning into Jean-Claude Van Damme, just so that kids could watch. He was such a brilliant beacon of intensity that he made a wish for children when he was the one who was dying, and the result still brightens the world today."

"It was, just as Kinski had predicted, suicide. He should never have done it. It is widely held by those who knew him, and Kinski himself, that he never recovered from Woyzeck. But what was the ultimate result? If you are the viewer of this film, Kinskiís portrayal shocks your feelings out of the vault of intellectualizing or passive observing. He forces you to feel with him, to align yourself with your buried emotions. He outs your sensitivity. Is this not something Christ-like? It is, for my money. Kinski is the pure cure for the 21st-century disease ó the numbness unto droning."
Cintra Wilson on Klaus Kinski

"If you must die today, make your death worthy of legend."
Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, Magic: The Gathering