Quotes / Dungeon Bypass

Chief Wiggum: Listen up! (on gates with "Johnny D" on them) These prestigious wrought-iron security gates are bullet-proof, bomb-proof, and battering-ram resistant. Now-
Skinner: Then what happened to Johnny D?
Wiggum: He forgot to lock 'em.
The Simpsons, "Reality Bites"

We're fucking stupid.
It's concrete. We're gigantic death machines.
Zeonquest suggestion

"No matter how thick the walls are and how narrow the wicket is, a donkey laden with gold will always squeeze through."

Sam: Look, it's the world's simplest maze.
Max: What's the big deal? All mazes are simple!
Sam: Not everyone has your knack for lateral thinking and heavy ordnance.

No way... she's been looking for me this whole time? But this is the deepest area of the Cradle. Nobody could make it all the way down here... She's just going to blast through the walls!? Oh dear mother of God!
Quattro, fan translation of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Walls? You took my daughter, brainwashed her, and set us to kill each other, and you think walls will protect you from me? Fuck your walls!
— Comment on the above scene, [Where I Watch] Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Our guests can enjoy the magical atelier of Kayneth El-Melloi. A perfect atelier spanning an entire floor. 24 fielded layers, three mana generators, dozens of ghost and evil spirits roaming the halls as guard dogs, countless traps, parts of hallways that open out to other worlds! Both I and my opponent will be able to use every technique up our sleeves in this fight. Your statement that 'I'm pathetic'... I'll have you retract it shortly.
[his enemy just blows up the building. ]
Kayneth Archibold El-Melloi, Fate/Zero

Excuse me, Ed? Not that you'd understand the geometry involved in such an endeavor, but... that isn't how you go through a maze!
Edd, Ed, Edd n Eddy

The card-key-locked wooden door is no match for Tom and his crowbar!
Take THAT, logical progression of puzzles!