Quotes / Duel to the Death

"One shall stand, one shall fall."
Optimus Prime to Megatron, Transformers: The Movie

"Vittorio Malvora!" I called, my voice ringing with wrath in the echoing cavern. "Madrigal Raith! I am Harry Dresden, Warden of the White Council of Wizards. Under the Unseelie Accords, I accuse you of murder in a time of peace, and challenge you, here and now, before these witnesses, to trial by combat." I slammed my staff down again in another shock of thunder, and Hellfire flooded in the runes of the staff. "To the death."
Utter silence fell on the Deeps.
Damn, there ain't nothing like a good entrance.

"Settled things? One thing was never settled. This is a battle with swords, not some fist fight. As long as one of us is still breathing then this fight is still not over."
Kenpachi, Bleach

"A sword fight is a matter of life or death. Furthermore, this is a battle to decide the strongest. The only way to settle things is for one to live, and the other to die."
Aoshi, Rurouni Kenshin

"...at the end his honor was no better for it. Nothing was served, no point was proved. It was all false ... except for the deaths. Those were real."
Aral Vorkosigan, Shards of Honor

"Two men enter, one man leaves."