Quotes / Dropped a Bridge on Him

"What kind of end is this?"
Yeesha, on Kadish's suicide note in Uru

"You kill me? A flunky?!"
Lindsey, Angel ("Not Fade Away")

"It's a story of sacrifice and betrayal. And of good people dying in stupid, pointless ways."

"I was going through my script and realized I never wrote an exit from this scene for No Face. So I let Mara at him, and he is now dead. Kinda anti-climactic for him. Oh well. Not everything can be epic."
Megan Gedris, in the author's commentary of YU+ME: dream .

Shatner: Maybe if we try an ending where I, you know, live
Stewart: Nice try, Bill. Now get under that stupid bridge!

"Sabretooth is okay with this, probably realizing how fucking ridiculous he looks and how long he’ll need to be off-camera before anyone’s going to take him seriously again. Of all the guys on this list, Sabretooth is probably the most likely to come back, but don’t expect it to happen for at least five or ten years. Wolverine’s got so much shit going on these days he doesn’t really need an arch-nemesis."

Chris: Clint Howard is dead in a refrigerator with an apple stuffed in his mouth.
Matt: No actors you like will survive!
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Barb Wire

"As much as I dig the character, it's hard to think back fondly on the arrival of the villain who 'kills' Superman in the comics (i.e. Doomsday) but who is dispatched with nary a whimper here before our boy even becomes our boy...makes me spit blood to this day, just thinking about it. Worst season, easily."
Marc Pritchard on Smallville Season 8

"How rubbish is the Doctor? He's barely out of the TARDIS and he's shot dead; at least he is one road ahead of the seventh Doctor in the TV Movie."

"There's the most impressively expedient character death ever as Nana Visitor's character is blown up in a thoroughly contrived car bomb once her exposition is resolved."
Phil Sandifer on Torchwood: Miracle Day ("End of the Road")

"Scientists have determined that if you watch The Wrath of Khan and this back-to-back — the weighty theme of death culminating in Spock's death versus the vacuous nature of Kirk's here — that you are in serious danger of getting the bends and should seek out the nearest decompression chamber."
SFDebris on Star Trek: Generations

"Grandma got run over by a... plot contrivance."
The Nostalgia Chick, The Christmas Shoes

"Bridge on the captain!"
William Shatner, after filming his death scene in Star Trek: Generations

"It was a script typo. We accidentally wrote: Killed by ‘Bridge on Kirk’ instead of ‘Kirk on the Bridge.’"
Brannon Braga

Strong Bad: Señor Havin' A Little Trouble and Mr. Bland were by far the most popular characters. [Bubs' Concession stand falls on them] Then, they were crushed by a falling Bubs' Concession Stand.
Bubs: [appears in the stand's window] "Hot time!"
Strong Bad: said Bubs.

"Meanwhile, Medusa herself is trying to shut off the valves, but then a flood of green foam rains down on her. And that, as it turns out, will be the last we ever see of her. I must say, getting slimed is a pretty lame way to dispatch your villain. I want to see her burn in the fires of hell for all eternity, not be a losing contestant on Double Dare."

"Lila Milla Rira of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam died soon after her shower scene shocked me so much at that time. How could Director Tomino allow such a beautiful, booby character casually die? I hated him very much back in the days when I'm in college. I think even though it's fictional anime characters, it's not a good thing for them to die so easily."