Quotes / Driven to Villainy

So for Christmas, I don't want a doll, or teddy, or toy glider
All I ask for this year is a giant robot spider
To avenge myself upon those who would wound me with impunity
I'll being my mech-arachnid to both them and their community
The people of London will soon regret what they have done
When they look up on Boxing Day to see what blots out the sun


Miss Militia: We looked back at what happened with your history at the school, the allegations of bullying-
Skitter: Stop. If youíre going to say anything on the subject, donít mince words. You know who Shadow Stalker was beneath the mask. You probably have an idea of the kind of things she did. Donít pretty it up by using words like allegations.
Miss Militia: Not allegations then. The bullying, the abuse you endured. I donít like that it happened. I donít like that we were complicit in it. It fills in quite a few blanks, helping me make sense of what happened after you uncovered Shadow Stalkerís secret identity. Defiant knows too, now. I recognize that it might even have pushed you to take a different direction with your newfound powers.
Skitter: I got my powers because of her.

"We NEED dis land! Da Cataclysm destroyed our home!"
Prophey Khar'zul leading a Zandalari invasion, World of Warcraft

"There are people in this world who are driven to evil because of what their life has forced them to endure."
The Order of the Stick author Rich Burlew, specifically talking about Well-Intentioned Extremist Redcloak