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Quotes: Dream Within a Dream
"I hate double dreams."
Doug Funnee

"...this is not my carpet. Which means we are not in my apartment. We are still dreaming."
Saito, Inception

"What a strange dream. Within a dream. Or is this the dream?"
Mizuhara Makoto, El-Hazard: The Magnificent World

"Is that a dream? Or a dream within a dream?"
"I think it's a dream inside The Matrix inside a dream."
"Just keep shooting!"

"Last night I dreamed I was awake, and then when I woke up I was asleep."

Ansem: "But you feel it, don't you? This world, the nightmare, the abyss. Why haven't you returned to the reality whence you came?"
Riku: "No. This is a..."
Ansem: "Dream of a dream. A twofold nightmare. This whole journey, you have been inside Sora's dreams. And now darkness within darkness awaits you."

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