Quotes / Dragon's Den

"If I invested in this, I'd sleep like a baby. I'd wake up every two hours, crying, and asking my Mommy, 'where's my money?' I'm out."
Daymond, U.S. Shark Tank

"He's The Undertaker because he's where businesses go to die."
Mark (regarding Kevin), U.S. Shark Tank

"I love that word, 'pre-revenue'. What it means is you have no sales."
Kevin, U.S. Shark Tank

"Here's how I think of my money: soldiers. I send them out to war everyday, I want them to take prisoners, and come home so there's more of them. In your army, every soldier dies that you send out everyday. When you have no soldiers, you're wiped out. That's the game of life."
Kevin, U.S. Shark Tank

"Kevin hears the word 'dough' and gets confused."
Mark, U.S. Shark Tank, after Kevin poo-poos a company that sells safe edible cookie dough

"I'm not looking to make friends. If you want to make friends, buy a dog."
Kevin, U.S. Shark Tank, just before making an offer

"I always get dragged back to reality, but that's what I love about myself. That's why they call me 'Mr. Wonderful.'"
Kevin, U.S. Shark Tank

Kevin: There are sharks and then there's Mr. Wonderful.
Lori: Who's a guppy.
— U.S. Shark Tank

Daymond: Roses are red, I'm black... and your valuation is whack. I'm out.
— U.S. Shark Tank, following several Sharks after the entrepreneur introduced his company using a poem (Entrepreneur was asking for $1 million for a 10% stake, a $10 million valuation.)

Chris Sacca: QR codes are the herpes of mobile technology.
— U.S. Shark Tank