->"I understand [dragons] have a liking for gold," [said Wonse].\\
"Really? What do they spend it on?" [said the Patrician].\\
"They sleep on it, my lord."\\
"What, do you mean in a mattress?"\\
"No, my lord. On ''it''."\\
The Patrician turned this fact over in his mind. "Don't they find it rather knobbly?" he said.

->"What profit do you derive from this toil, or what is the reward, so great that you should be deprived of sleep, and pass your life in darkness?" [the fox asked.] \\
"None at all," replied the [dragon]; "but this task has been assigned me by supreme Jove." \\
"Then you neither take anything for yourself, nor give to another?" \\
"Such is the will of the Fates." \\
"Donít be angry then, if I say frankly: the man is born under the displeasure of the Gods who is like you."
-->--"The Fox and the Dragon", Phaedrus' ''Fables'' (book IV)

->''"Dragons steal gold and jewels, you know, from men and elves and dwarves, wherever they can find them; and they guard their plunder as long as they live (which is practically forever, unless they are killed), and never enjoy a brass ring of it."''
-->--'''Thorin Oakenshield''', ''Literature/TheHobbit''

->''Dragons may not have much real use for all their wealth, but they know it to an ounce as a rule, especially after long possession.''
-->-- ''Literature/TheHobbit''

->''This hill encircled by the sea is the home of a dragon, guardian doubtless of some rich treasure that lies hidden under the earth. This creature is said to be devoted to gold and whatever golden thing it sees it loves and cherishes; thus the fleece in Colchis and the apples of the Hesperides, since they seemed to be of gold, two dragons that never slept guarded and claimed as their own.''
-->--Philostratus: ''Images'' (book II, ch. 17)