Quotes / Dragon 573

GIG: ANYWAY, I've been thinking on ideas for that Super Robot AU that Lock put up and subsequently forgot about after Spain got himself banned. I want to run that since it has been abandoned.

I have too much time.

Dragon573: GIG, you're a Troper. We all have too much time.

"The drow have put us down. They have taken us from a mighty race of warriors who once stood shoulder to shoulder with mighty dragons... to mere slaves. They think they've beaten us. That we'll do whatever they say from here on out... Well, those black blooded bastards are wrong. They haven't beaten us. We're diminished, true, but we're kobolds. The blood of dragons flows through our veins! When Garl Glittergold collapsed the mines of our forefathers, Kurtulmak was trapped inside... but he did not give in. He fought! He dug himself, and his brothers from the ruins, and became our champion for all time! He didn't dig himself out so we could remain in shackles! He did it for us! For me! For you! For all Kobolds everywhere who have labored under the lash of their oppressors! Today, he is with us! Today, we stand proud and tall in his name! Today, we take back what is ours! And in his exalted sight, blessed are those who stand before the corrupt and the wicked and DO! NOT! FALTER!"
Yapper of clan Rotten Meat, liberator of the Kobolds... aka, Dragon573 when he plays D&D as a kobold and gets the go-ahead to mount a Kobold insurrection.