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[Mafia member Vinny shoots a policewoman while fellow mobster Louie watches]
Louie: Jesus, Vinny. You just iced a woman, you know that?
Vinny: You know what you are, Louie? You're a fuckin' male chauvinist pig.
Louie: What do you mean, I'm a male chauvinist pig? You just shot a broad.
Vinny: A cop. I just shot a cop. They wanna be equal? I made her equal.

Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much, dear Mary Sue, if it weren't for the double standard. If a young man were to punch you because he found you 'annoying', you would be horrified. Quite rightly. But the idea that anyone might be rightly horrified at YOU punching a man for annoying you appears to be so revolutionary it's hardly worth countenancing. No, it's utterly okay for a girl to punch a guy. It's cool. It, you suggest, can even be funny. But if a guy punches a girl, that's abuse.
One question, Mary Sue:
Where's the difference?
If it's abuse when a man hits a woman, it's still abuse when a woman's doing the hitting.

I remember an artistic and eager lady asking me in her grand green drawing-room whether I believed in comradeship between the sexes, and why not. I was driven back on offering the obvious and sincere answer "Because if I were to treat you for two minutes like a comrade you would turn me out of the house."
What's Wrong With The World by G. K. Chesterton

Amanda: All I'm trying to say is that there are lots of things that a man can do and in society's eyes, it's all hunky-dory. A woman does the same thing—the same, mind you—and she's an outcast.
Adam: Finished?
Amanda: No. Now I'm not blaming you personally, Adam, because this is so.
Adam: Well, that's awfully large of you.
Amanda: No, no, it's not your fault. All I'm saying is, why let this deplorable system seep into our courts of law, where women are supposed to be equal?
Adam: Mostly, I think females get advantages.
Amanda: We don't want advantages! And we don't want prejudices!

True feminism means objectifying the other gender. Double standards, they're the best kind of empowerment!

I've made some notes, and it all boils down to "Mock a man, no one cares. Mock a woman, you're a sexist swine.

That is a double standard! And not the good kind that benefits men.

Join swimsuit guy and his friends, swimsuits guys, as they embark on a heartfelt journey of I didn't watch the first season of this show, because it looked kinda gay. So, no thanks.
Join stripper girl and her friends, stripper girls, as they embark on a heartfelt journey of I didn't watch the first season of this show, because it didn't look gay enough. But now, I just might reconsider.

If these (Twilight's Periphery Demographic) were 40 year old men screaming for 17 year old girls, they'd be on To Catch A Predator so fast it would make your head spin.

Obviously if you're watching a scene with a woman tied to a bed while a man forces sex on her, the final act of that movie will involve said man getting shot in the face by Bruce Willis. If, on the other hand, it's a man being tied down and forced into sex by a pretty lady, well, you're watching a wacky romantic comedy.

You just KNOW that if Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga were unknown artists, you'd be flamed for NOT liking them, not flamed FOR liking them,

"Sexism exists in advertising, whether it's showing a lady's curves on some fat dude for a beer commercial, or someone's trying to sell you a toaster because your husband's pretty much retarded. See, there ya go; sexism in advertising. It's so commonplace I don't really think it matters."
Philip DeFranco, on Dr. Pepper Ten's "It's Not for Women" slogan.

"Notice all the melon jokes, the bald jokes? I make one nose joke, it's OOOOOOOOHH!"
Colin Mochrie, after being booed for making a joke about Ryan Stiles' nose, even though he himself gets skewered for being bald and/or Canadian all the time, Whose Line Is It Anyway? (American edition)

Bobby: I just wanted to say you don't have to worry about me, 'cause I'm never gonna have sex.
Hank: Whoa, Bobby, now don't say that!
Bobby: I thought that's what you wanted.
Hank: Well, yes, if you were my daughter, but you're my son.
Bobby: Why is it not okay for girls, but it's okay for boys?
Hank: It's called the Double Standard, Bobby, and don't knock it. We got the long end of the stick on that one.

"You want to know what the most ironic double standard is out there? The fact that when it comes to pointing out these double standards, women are much more likely to have double standards affecting them negatively listened to or taken seriously... whenever a male points out how they are affected by a Double Standard, they're either laughed at, are told 'LOL Misandry stfu misogyny is worse', or are just told to stop whining... or 'shut up and take it like a man'. Which I find inherently ironic."

JJ: I will never understand this whole teacher-lover thing, I can barely deal with a grown man.
Rossi: What's interesting is, if it would've been a male teacher and a female student he'd've gotten twenty years and none of this would have happened.
JJ: Well she could get life plus twenty for all those murders she committed.
Redi: You know what's funny? If she wasn't so pretty she probably would never have been released in the first place.
Garcia: What?
Reid: It's true, unattractive female predators serve a longer prison sentence than their attractive counterparts.
Garcia: Wow, that's ridiculous.
Reid: It's primal, there's a heirachy to everything, including sex offenders.
Criminal Minds, ''I Love You, Tommy Brown"

Seriously, quit trying to handle my style
Unless you're a lady, in which case
You are cordially invited to have a giant slice of my style!
Strong Bad, "Handle My Style", Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Gordy: You see, Ned, fighting against a girl is a lose-lose situation.
Ned: What do you mean?
Gordy: Well, if you lose, *starts laughing* then you got beat up by a girl! But if you win, *sounds horrified* then, dude, you just beat up a girl!

Hortense: All these experts who're supposed to tell you what a woman is supposed to be like — they can't seem to say the same thing twice in a row!
If you use sex appeal, you're pandering to the patriarchy! If you're aren't sexy, you're repressed!
Women can take care of themselves! Women are victimized! Beware!
A liberated woman should pay her own way! A man who won't pay the tab is a leech!
You're a woman, you can be anything you want — except for this, that, and the other — at least for this week — and we'll update the list later without telling you!
Tuck: What? Feminism has double standards? Y'don't say...

Wouldn't it be nice to be like men and get notches in your belt and sleep with most attractive men and not get not get emotionally involved?

I believe in a reverse double standard in relationships. The woman should be free to explore casual affairs but the man should have to be faithful."
Patti McGuire, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1976 and Mrs. Jimmy Connors.