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Quotes: Dork Age
"Poor Joe's first encounter with me was during a Marvel Press Conference when I asked if Ben Reilly would ever come back. One can still hear the silence of the moment immediately following."
Andrew Goeletz on meeting Joe Quesada, Life of Reilly

"Personally, I HATED the idea of having hundreds of Spider-Man clones running around. As far as I was concerned, this was exactly the kind of silliness we should have been trying to get AWAY from. I mean, we all groaned when the title was first proposed, and now we were going to do stuff in the story that only served to reflect that dopey title even MORE?! Stuff like this, in my opinion, was the epitome of everything that had been wrong with Spider-Man over the previous few years—shameless sensationalism, milking a successful idea to death, overkill reaching ludicrous proportions."
Editor/Writer Glenn Greenberg on "Maximum Cloneage"

"Iím fairly certain that Iíve never seen the Brood sporting metal underpants and Dr. Octopusís arms. I am also pretty sure that in the comics, they canít shoot lasers out of their tails, but, you know, Iím not going to go look it up and thereís actually a pretty good chance thatís something theyíve done at some point in the í90s, so who even knows."
Chris Sims on X-Men ("Love in Vain")

"The early '90s were a tough time for Frank Castle, but the later part of the decade was worse. The Punisher's original M.O. was killing bad guys; simple, basic, hard to fuck up. But in the '90s writers forgot that the mob and serial killers existed and had Frank go after techno-punk soldiers all the time who were more robots than Mafia bosses. Plus he was always saddled with some other hero like Spider-Man or Daredevil, so they always forced him to sheath his gun and let the bad guys get arrested. LAME. What was worse was the series Punisher: Purgatory where Frank killed himself and came back as a supernatural avenging angel with holy guns. Thank God we have Garth Ennis to give us back the Punisher who liked guns and bombs again."

"Every era of Doctor Who has its poor stories. The realities of BBC production mean that sometimes Doctor Who has no choice but to go to air with a story that self-evidently sucks... Verity Lambert, for instance, tries with a sort of manic desperation to do something interesting. The Lloyd/Bryant/Sherwin era just grimly grinds out the story figuring that the audience doesnít actually care whatís on screen, leaving Patrick Troughton to shout 'oh my word' a lot. The Pertwee era tries desperately to avoid ever making a turkey, slowly sacrificing quality at the altar of not fucking up until they make a horrific string of turkeys as a result... And the Williams era just dials up the charm in a frantic effort to salvage script after script that goes wrong.

The John Nathan-Turner era, on the other hand, has just about the most depressive relationship with its own failures imaginable...just depressedly going 'right, weíre doing a poorly made runaround on a generic space station and we really donít care.' With Nathan-Turner himself never moving out of the first stage of grief and just grinning maniacally as he insists that the story worked and was good and the memory cheats and please please love me."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who ("Terminus")

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