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Pointy-Haired Boss: I hired a man hater to be your supervisor.
Dilbert: Why?
PHB: Frankly, I am kinda turned on by angry women in pantsuits.

"Hey! Is it true that you've been seeing a man?! You can't, you can't, it's out of the question! You don't know what men are really like! They're dirty, disgusting, and self-centered! Not to mention irresponsible, perverted, violent and shameless! if they seem the slightiest bit kind, then it's just a front...! Anyway, you can't go out with a man! You can't... go out with a man... You'll just get hurtů"
Mariko Shinobu, Oniisama e... manga

"Oh please, don't be naive. Men are pigs."
Ileen, Bachelor Party

Takeshi: Why do you hate men so much?!
Mariko: They're selfish, dirty, and the cruelest creatures on Earth.
Takeshi: But how can you say all men are like that?
Mariko: How can you say they are not?
Takeshi: I at least know that I am not like that!
Mariko: It's true! Men are all talk but no deed!
Takeshi: [falls off his chair] Henmi!
Mariko Shinobu and Takeshi Ichinomiya, Oniisama e... anime.

"I'm not a lesbian! I hate men, but I'm not a lesbian!"
Elaine Benes, Seinfeld

"How many times have I told you? Men are utensils. You use them, wash them, and throw them in a drawer until you need them again!"
Penny "Grams" Halliwell, with her grandson-in-law and second grandson within earshot.

"Gunununununununu... All you men are such... such... men are such...!"
Momoka Fujiwara, Eroge! Sex And Games Make Sexy Games

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