Quotes / Distaff Counterpart

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    Live-action TV 

(gapes around at bridge crew) ...Say, is this a ship of the Valkyries? or have you human women finally gotten rid of your men altogether?
Q to Captain Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager ("Death Wish")

We are going to this party, because I'm trying to picture the sort of girl who would be interested in you. And all I can see is you. In a dress.
Bernard Black, Black Books


It's the thing that we already have, but now it's a girl. It's the girl version of the thing. Buy it now.
— ''Movie B.S. (podcast), episode 73


PS, AD and PI each have a lady counterpart, in accordance with deep seated mythology that dictates that any man secretly wishes to have sex with a female version of himself (re: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Mickey/Minnie, etc.)

    Web Original 

It is far easier for the female paradigm to subvert, give the princess a laser cannon, and have her kick some ass than it is for the male paradigm to adapt into the female one.

He and I are basically the same person, except he has a glorious penis and I have glorious breasts.
Texts From Last Night

The Battletoads' main nemesis, the Dark Queen, commands a massive army of rodents and wishes to dominate the universe. Usually serving as final boss in the games, the Dark Queen is basically a sexy Shredder, right down to her between-level taunts.

Aya is the original female Cloud. Arguments: she's a loner with a smart mouth, but has a heart of gold beneath her prickly and aloof exterior. She experiences inexplicable flashbacks and receives extrasensory advice from an apparently hallucinatory source. She's powered by the cells of a foreign entity and locked in a fierce, vaguely homoerotic rivalry with a fathomlessly strong opponent with an advanced mastery of their common power. And while she doesn't often wear a dress, she nevertheless looks good in one.

Wolverine was a totally badass, growly antisocial guy who smoked and drank and who was so tough nobody better mess with him, and Marvel thought, 'Hell, we can pander to young boys way harder than that!'

Joel (Schumacher) refers to Poison Ivy as a 'beautiful, sexy' version of the Unabomber. Never really thought of it that way, to be honest. Never gotten that drunk or stoned.
The Agony Booth, Batman & Robin' recap supplement

Sheís basically a female version of the Human Torch (except that her powers require her to be naked all the time, because of course they do), and I donít recall reading any comics where Johnny Storm has to seduce Doctor Doom before he starts flaming on.
Chris Sims on Cinder, "The 5 Worst Comics of 2010"

Just so we're clear, Spider-Woman has had her own show and She-Hulk hasn't. She-Hulk, who's really awesome and a lawyer and likes to break the fourth wall and hangs out with Howard the Duck and all, no cartoon... Like the completely not-lame Spider-Man character (who was apparently contractually obligated to appear in two episodes of this nonsense), Spider-Woman possesses a spider sense that alerts her to danger. But in this cartoon, danger usually took the form of ghostly Vikings or UFOs, which would be cool if they were being fought by a character folks actually give a shit about. Now, She-Hulk taking on ghost Vikings aboard a UFO? That's entertainment.

To give him his credit, Doggett asks how they are going to split up the office into their own sections — Mulder arrogantly assumed control of everything right up until Scully had to force him to answer why he never gave her a desk in season four. Scully shuts Doggett off immediately, informing him that he is on borrowed time and they are only renting out this space until Mulder returns. What a cow...Scully wonders of she is trying to hard to manufacture a theory, to step into Mulderís shoes in his absence. Thatís a nice realisation for her to come to and a poke in the eye to detractors that didnít buy into her sudden role as the believer.
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "Patience"

Chris: Tess discovers that her birth parents were, in fact ó wait for it ó The Luthors. And that her real name is LUTESSA, which is hilarious.
David: LUTESSA LENA LUTHOR, Chris. Donít forget about the fanservice in the middle.
Chris: The extra L makes her 1.5 times more evil than Lex!
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Abandoned")

    Web Video 

Who's going to be interested in a female character who is pretty shamelessly a knock-off of her already popular male counterpart?

Yes, SHODAN is a female, villain version of Max Headroom. And that is hilarious.
George Weidman on System Shock

If only there was a female counterpart to Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, but with big titties, so I can harbour secret fuck fantasies about him, but without it being gay. (Paine appears) Viva Rule 63!

You think Peter O'Toole and Faye Dunaway are all excited that they're gonna be in a Superman movie, you know? And then they find out they're in Supergirl.

    Western Animation 

Haven't you noticed she looks exactly like me, but in drag?
Mickey Mouse on Minnie, Robot Chicken parody

A Female He-Man?! This is the worst day of my life!
Skeletor, in reference to She-Ra.

    Real Life 

Kanye is the black Madonna.

She-Hulk is the chick you could fuck if you were Hulk.
David Goyer