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Quotes: Dirty Cop
"In some neighborhoods, posing as a dirty cop is a great way to confiscate information. It gives you the authority that comes with a badge, and invokes the fear that comes with being a criminal."
Michael Westen, Burn Notice

"The corruption in this city is so thick, the police dogs are taking chew toys as bribes."
Gunter, Bullet in the Face

Roger: Takin' what I want, when I want! Plus, I'm a sociopath, so, you know, all this fits me like a slipper.
Stan: Oh my God, Roger's a dirty cop! And he's only been on the force for 3 hours!

"I don't have nearly enough cash on me to bribe this cop. And even if I did, there's always the outside chance he's one of the honest ones."
Dwight, Sin City

"You got the money? Is it all here? I know what you're thinking. Another bent cop! Well, it's a bent world. Just 'cause I lost a few partners, those suckers from internal affairs have started sniffing around. Reckon they can smell me! Well, this city is just one big open sewer."
Ray Machowski, Grand Theft Auto III

Leon McAffrey: You greaseballs wanna put holes in each other, I don't give a shit. All I care about is my cut.
Toni Cipriani: (revolted) Oh, I love a man of principle.
McAffrey: Well, me too. I go to all the memorial services in fast cars with hot broads. My CUT!! Where is it?!

Frank Tenpenny: This is a weapon, Officer Pulaski, that was used to gun down a police officer not 10 minutes ago. Officer Pendelbury. A fine man, I might add. You work fast, nigga!
Carl "C.J." Johnson: You know I just got off the plane.
Eddie Pulaski: It's a good thing we found you and retrieved the murder weapon.

"No one's playing games with you Mr. Marston. But if we were to play some games, it would be some interesting ones we could play: like hanging you for murder, or confiscating all your property—like that little farm of yours—or! Or! Having you put in an electric chair! Those are the sort of games we could play."
—Federal agent Edgar Ross, Red Dead Redemption

"They paid a few Transients off to start some trouble, deliberately marring a non-violent demonstration. Spontaneous violence, the only excuse Civic Center would have to send in the riot cops. These people are bleeding down there for a scam.

It’s a show of power. How dare anybody ignore the authority of Civic Center? How dare a bunch of freaks try to think for themselves? So let’s go out and stomp on children, lunatics, and incompetents, because by damn it makes our balls feel big."

Ryan: You know, it does me no good to hand over the video tape and then you guys turn around and take us out.
Greer: I swore I wouldn't do that.
Ryan: Like you swore "to protect and serve"?

"We're supposed to call them cops. But everyone knows who they work for and what it takes to keep them happy. Somebody paid good money for this frame."
Marv, Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

Sam: *wakes up* What's going on?
Cop: We're the police, sweetheart. Your civil liberties are about to be violated.
"I'm talking about a crooked cop, a dishonest cop, who got mixed up in drug rackets and got what was coming to him."
Michael Corleone, The Godfather

"The truth is everyone wants the license to get a little dirty now and then. Our job is to keep it manageable."
Roy Earle, L.A. Noire

"Oh, I know. Its a free country and I ain't got the right. But I got a badge. What've you got?"
Officer Krupke, West Side Story

Cpt. Nascimento: In this city, every cop must make a choice. You either grows corrupt, leaves out or go to war

Dredd: (To the corrupt Judge Lex) How much were you paid to betray the law?!

Elias: I'm true to what I am. Like my friend Mr. Yogarov here—I killed his father, so now he kills me; that's fair. {to Tierney) But you, you're an oath-breaker, a worm."

"...the above named defendant did then and there unlawfully commit the offense of ‘property damage’ to wit did transfer blood to the uniform."
Ferguson Police Department (MI), charge sheet for suspect Henry Davis, 1.20.29

"I stood there dumbly wondering what to do. Right in front of me, two men were being knocked about by four men who were, quite simply, enjoying their work. I was also witness to the fact that the victims had not resisted arrest, which of course would be the police explanation for what happened. Cravenly, I got back into the cab. I asked my driver if he would be a witness with me. He shook his head sadly. 'I don't want no trouble. This is a mighty dirty town.'"
Gore Vidal, "Police Brutality"

"Sometimes police corruption manifests itself in dick moves... Sometimes it manifests itself in other moves on dick: Officers have been known to threaten gay people with beatings or death in exchange for blow jobs. Make the mistake of showing your face at a gay pride parade and you've as good as volunteered: That's exactly what happened to a Web designer in Ahmedabad.

The cops don't know or care that there are gay people who are tops, bottoms, versatile, or something in between. They know and care even less about consent. They believe that if you're gay, it means you enjoy sucking any dick you stumble upon. And the actions of terrified people under duress seem to confirm their biases. If the choice is 'Give a hopefully intentionally terrible blow job' or 'have drugs planted on you and go to prison forever,' you tend toward the former.'"

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