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Quotes: Dingo Pictures
It's just terrible. You know it's terrible, I know it's terrible, we knew it was terrible from minute one, and it kept being terrible right up to the end. It's terrible, and it continues to be terrible, even after it's over, because a movie that never ends continues to suck by dint of it not ending. Thus, this movie is in an eternal state of suckiness, from which it can never escape. It is a black hole of entertainment, sucking the joy out of those who venture too close. We, the foolish few who dared to watch its horribleness, are left dry and withered as a result. There is an emptiness inside me and, I would guess, inside you; this emptiness comes from realization that we have lost a part of our lives by watching this. We have lost time, we have lost innocence, we have lost happiness, we have lost hope. We have stared into the abyss, and it started back at usó and we blinked first. This is a burden we must carry, a dread weight that hangs upon our hearts: We have watched Dingo Pictures' "Anastasia," and it has marked our very souls.
Troper Ronka87, on her experience with Dingo Pictures' Anastasia

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