Quotes / Digging Yourself Deeper

Ahh, Boss, I know this is the part where you're supposed to say something cocky and defiant, but is that really wise? Judging from past experience and what little I've heard, I'm thinking you're following the pattern where you start out in a lot of trouble, and then through a series of brilliantly chosen words, make it infinitely worse. Futhermore, when you're in this mood, you have a nasty habit of drawing those around you into the swamp. So maybe, just this once, could you quit while you aren't too far behind?
Melchior, WebMage

Because when you've dug yourself into a hole that deep, the only option is to keep digging in the hope that you can escape to China.

Tart: (growls) I'll always be the ugly, big-butt bird! You guys' constant chatter is irritating. Hmmph...
Bakumaru: Hey! Wait, Tart!... Jeez, acting all saucy... Who are you? The one calling herself ugly, big-butt, and hysterical?
Urii: You added one more.
Bakumaru: ...ah, did I?...

I... love you. (beat) Anakin. (beat) In character, that is. (beat) By "in character" I mean I don't really love you. By "I" I mean... not me Padmé, but me Jim. I mean I love what you're doing with Anakin. Annie. I mean me, Jim, loves that. Padmé doesn't love you because... well... that doesn't make sense. If she did know you she'd probably love you. I mean, you're pretty nice. (beat) That's you, Annie, not Anakin. Not that Anakin's not nice. (beat) Well, actually he isn't. You know what I, Jim, mean?
Jim/Padmé, to Annie/Anakin, Darths & Droids

Sandra: Hey Liz, why so serious?
Larisa: That dumb cow Michelle called me a slut!
Sandra: Aw, come on, don’t listen t–
Larisa: She’s only saying that ’cause I like to dress sexy to appeal to boys. What’s slutty about that!? Please!? And anyway, I’m sure that I haven’t kissed more than a dozen boys in my life and not one of them meant much to me!
Sandra: Some people just shouldn’t try to defend themselves…

"Ah! You can read... I mean, you are reading. Sorry. It's nice to see people reading. Not a lot of people read these days. People prefer to... hear. But all this 'hearing' is just reading for lazy people. Kids today should be prepared to pick up a book, and not just go around the whole time with all these modern... ears. Sometimes I just wanna rip people's ears off and say 'Read a book, for God's sake!'... Well, actually I'd probably say 'Read a book' first and then rip their ears off, otherwise they wouldn't hear me, hehehe... Actually, I probably wouldn't rip their ears off at all, I'm not a violent person. I like ears! Especially women ears, they're my favorite. I don't mean I collect them or anything! I don't have a big bucket of women ears hidden away somewhere. No, No, No, I'm not after your ears really. Not that there's anything wrong with your ears! You know if I was some kind of mad ear person, your ears would be the pride of my... ear bucket."

"It's like your mouth is falling down the stairs."

Brian: Yeah, well, the thing is Meg is becoming a little...enamored with me and...I'm kinda losing control of the situation.
Lois: Oh, she's just grateful you took her to the dance.
Brian: Well, uh...I-I think it's more than that. Uh...So, here's the thing and don't get mad, and that part I can't stress enough. That's a great shirt by the way. Um....I may have made out with Meg. (beat; Lois decks him) Okay, I had that coming.
Lois: What the hell is wrong with you, you sick bastard?!
Brian: Look, I was drinking...
Brian: (sarcastic laughter) Look, the short version is, this morning, she made me eat her hair pie. (POW!) No, it's not what you think. Stewie had some, too. (POW!) Stop punching me!
Lois: Look, Brian, I don't know what the hell happened between you two, but you better go upstairs and straighten it out right now!
Family Guy, "Barely Legal"

Rumisiel: Can I ask you a question about being a dad? WAIT! That could be taken the wrong way! It's really more about family and forgiveness.
"Don't walk away! I'm trying to apologize, you dumb noodleloaf!"
Calvin attempting to apologize for calling Susie a boogerbrain, Calvin and Hobbes