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Quotes: Diabolus Ex Machina
"Tragedy always strikes when one least expects it. But to wait for a man to stand before striking him down seems almost crueler than dealing the fatal blow while he lies on the ground."

"But... this is a Moulin Rouge! review, we can't end on a happy note!"
"You're right, we need a sad ending for no reason other than we need a sad ending!"
The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick, MUSICAL REVIEW: Moulin Rouge

"And then thereís the villain. Itís a completely unrecognizable version of Darkseid, and not just because [Jim] Leeís put him in another one of his awful, overly busy costumes, complete with football shoulderpads and knee cutouts. As an antagonist, heís terrible. He has no motivation, no characterization and worst of all, heís forgettable. He does nothing but show up, say his name, and then trade punches until this stupid story runs out of pages. He adds nothing. He is nothing. Heís worse than Doomsday, a character that was created to just punch one character over and over, because at least Doomsday won."

"A kruel and vastly powerful sorceress from the distant future who seeks to achieve Time Kompression for inkomprehensible reasons only she knows. To akkomplish this, Ultimecia utilizes an advanced version of an Odine device that allows her to take kontrol of sorceresses from the kurrent era in order to find Ellone, who kan take her even further back into the past - which is apparently the only way she kan kast the magik which will result in the compression of past, present, and future. Really, I don't have a damn klue, and I suspekt Final Fantasy VIII's writers didn't either. The whole scenario praktikally skreams RUSH JOB."

"I wasn't expecting Ammon to clap us on the back and say "Great job kid, now let's go home," but it'd be better than what we got. As it is, all our work, all our effort invested into NWN 2 as a game is undone in seconds because Obsidian wanted a 'tragic' ending. It is tragic, mind, but only for the player."
Letís Play Neverwinter Nights 2, by Lt. Danger

Seth Gecko: Yeah, those acts of God really stick it in and break it off, don't they?
Jacob Fuller: Yes, they do.

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