Quotes / Deverry

Entries in order of published books. Try to avoid spoilers at the same level as on the main page.

... the noble lords themselves, whose greed and power-lusts drove them like spurs and made them suffer, though they called the suffering glory.
Aderyn (in thought), A Time of Exile, part one

"Are you a king's man or neutral in this scrap?"
"I belong to the people of this kingdom, lad, not king nor lord nor usurper."
Pertyc Maelwadd and Nevyn, A Time of Exile, part three

"Do young men ever see the truth of their women's lives? I doubt it, I doubt if they can, I doubt if we could and go on being the men our fathers and our king expect us to be, truly."
Rhodry, Puella, Days of Blood and Fire

"Of course, but I know I'm doing it for me, not for my poor dearest mate. You people always seem to think the dead will be pleased because you're avenging them. They won't, you know. They can't be. They're dead."
Arzosah; Present, Rising; Days of Air and Darkness

"I'm a dragon. I don't need tact."
Arzosah, The Golden Falcon