Quotes / Dem Bones

Pierce: Those floating Mexican skeletons are right! My life is over!
Jeff: Well, when we go to floating skeletons with our problems, we get what we pay for, don't we?

Bleyaert: That's a skeleton that shoots bows and arrows.
Conan: Yeah, that goes without saying.
Conan O'Brian's "Clueless Gamer"

A walking skeleton, the basic frame of the human body, can inspire more fear in the common man than an excessively armed soldier or knight.
Jacob Deegan, Dominic Deegan

The skeleton. This fearless set of bones needs neither sleep nor nourishment, it's only urge to kill, and when in battle marches forth and slays without remorse.

Send in your skeletons
Sing as their bones come marching in again
Foo Fighters, "The Pretender"

Spooky Scary Skeletons
Send shivers down your spine
Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
Seal your doom tonight

Sticks and stones will break your bones
They seldom let you snooze
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Will wake you with a BOO!
Andrew Gold, "Spooky Scary Skeletons"

The first issue was tackling the sever problem with skeletons. The issue here is that when a skeleton is created, it strips away all of their rottable tissues, but that leaves the head completely empty (things like the skull are sub-parts), and this means the skull is essentially floating separate from the spine (which is also floating). Handling it correctly is a bit of project, so I just stuck the slightest bit of totally rotten muscle on them for now to hang things together. The only downside here is that you'll occasionally see muscles in the combat text for skeletons. It all raises the question of exactly how the bones are moving and supporting their weight in the first place, which I suppose will start to be answered when I get to the curse entry on dev_next. For now, they are held together by wisps of very strong rotten muscle that inexplicably work. In terms of mods, for each part that is completely rottable, it selects the deepest non-subordinate tissue marked as a connector and keeps it. For a dwarf, legs and arms just use bone, while the head and body have to cheat. It should work for rotting away any undead creature to a "skeleton". I haven't tested them, but "skeletal" insects should end up being hollow exoskeletal husks with this method.
Tarn Adams, on the Dwarf Fortress devlog

Marvin: I don't even WANT to know what the deal is with the bones and skulls.
The Golden King: They art my servants and slaves, but they haveth passed away long ago. But no matter. Soon, they shall riseth again! Bone by bone, pelvis by pelvis.

Skeleton - A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.

The ultimate emblem of Death. You will find its head on flags and banners and bottles of poison. Or take the whole body, grant it a scythe as a reaper of men not grass... astonishing how well that image scares your warriors when it is returned to an unnatural mockery of life. However you look at it, the Skeleton is a perfect symbol of both Death and Undeath, that part which endures after the rotting of the body and the departure of the soul. Fitting then, that these are among our most feared and numerous soldiers. What Human could hope to resist Death? You might flail and flounder against Him, but sooner or later He will claim you. If you are lucky, I may even allow you to live again in my service...

Cindy! This is a skeleton, this is bones! Would you run from Calista Flockhart?
Brenda, Scary Movie 2

Skeletons are the most agitating frameworks known to man.