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Quotes: Delusions of Eloquence
aka: Shlubb And Klump English
"I thought everyone was gonna eat the chips
Turns out I'm the only one who doubled-dipped
Robin Thicke, "Black Tar Cloud"

Redd White: Welcome! Please furnish me with the title of your personage!
Redd White: Your name! What's your name? I was just inquirably asking the title that you go by.
Phoenix Wright: Uh... Wright. Phoenix Wright.
Redd White: Mr. Wright, is it? Right, I see... Splendiferous. Perhaps I have intimidated you with my giantesque vocabulary...? I'm Redd White, CEO of Bluecorp. You know, Corporate Expansion Official? My business dealings bring me into contact with the elite of the elite. So I'm afraid I am not used to conversing with the wordily-challenged.

"This is shit up with which we will not put!"
Brenda, Scary Movie 4

"When he met me, he whined, 'How does it feel to be an on-font-tarribull?'"
Gore Vidal quoting Truman Capote, Palimpsest

"The gamut of my career will run in all facets as I progress."
David Boreanaz

"God, it's like you just use words you hear randomly to try and sound smarter!"

"Here's a challenge. Tell me what this sentence, from [Armond] White's review of the new version of The Taking Of Pelham 123, means: "Audiences who enjoyed the original 1974 Pelham 123 took its grungy dangerousness as a realistic confirmation of their own citizens' distrust." Now here's the rub: I don't want to know what you think it means, what you infer it means when you put it through your own personal White decoder ring, no; I want to know what the words in the sentence as they are actually written actually mean. As, you know, an actual copy editor would understand them. Because an actual copy editor would tell you that the sentence is gibberish."

alternative title(s): Shlubb And Klump English
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