Quotes / Delayed Ripple Effect

"Time pilots, [crook's name] just stole something from the past. You've got... twenty-eight minutes to get it back or history will change forever!"
The Chief, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego (PBS version)

"[Do you follow] Back to the Future rules where you can change shit, but the timeline is easy-going about it?"
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, pondering time travel tropes and how they're used in Singularity

Julian: Once the time paradox catches up with [Savitar], then... he'll be erased from existence.
Joe: But I saw him; he didn't disappear.
Julian: Not yet.
Barry: But he will, Joe.
Joe: Any...guesses as to how long that's gonna take?
The Flash (2014), "Finish Line"