Quotes / Death of a Thousand Cuts

Never underestimate the power of overwhelming stupidity in overwhelming numbers.
Goblin token flavor text, Magic: The Gathering

The Legionnaire that scoffs at a lasgun has not charged across an open field against a hundred of them.
Maor the Scarred, Siege-Champion of the Skargiven, Warhammer 40,000: Black Crusade

I wonder how many of these little cuts it will take to kill you. Thousands and thousands, I bet.
Yana Savari, Fingerprints

If one hit isn't enough, then hit him 10 times! If that's still not enough, then hit him 100 times! Keep at it until your enemy is completely pulverized.
Shroud, Kamen Rider Double

At this speed, I could punch him a thousand times before he can react. But at this speed, once is more than enough.

Go ahead, draw your sword! We will see who dies from a thousand tiny cuts!
Toot-Toot, Changes

He who fears not the death of a thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor.
Chinese proverb

These twin machine guns are all about quantity over quality. The individual blasts don't do much damage, but they offer a great rate of fire.
— The instruction manual of Ratchet: Deadlocked, in reference to the Dual Vipers.

"If you can't hit me with big attacks, there's no point in fighting. However... small attacks can hurt when they're repeated several times!"
Xellos, Slayers

Killing a hero, in Amadeus's experience, was like peeling an onion. Layer by layer it went, until all that remained was the weeping.

If one is an annoyance then a hundred is a threat.
Karui proverb/Flavor Text for "Quill Rain", Path of Exile

If it's alive, it can die, so let's hit it till it does. As many times as it takes.