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Quotes: Deadly Decadent Court
Londo: And how are things at the royal court?
Vir: You know, collusion, politicking, scheming, innuendo, gossip. The same old thing.

Thief: You can't go around saying things like that. The treacherous viziers record everything.
White Mage: Your viziers are treacherous?
Thief: It's an elven court. They're all viziers, and they're all assholes.

"Truth at court was treated as if it were a precious commodity. It was hoarded, coveted, bartered for. Certainly this analogy applied to lies; his courtiers accepted his lies as currency of the realm. He handed them lies in large denominations, and they returned him his change in small ones.

Oh, but truth was something different. Something alive and immortal. By light of day it was only a little butterfly: pretty, elusive, easily crushed and utterly unable to defend itself. Most nights, too, it slept harmlessly. One could wave it away for a very long time.

But on the nights it did not sleep, neither did the King."

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."
Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

That was the problem with being Vor. You ended up related to all sorts of people you'd rather not be.

Sebastian: This isn't Antiva. Not all nobles are targets for assassination.
Hawke: Are you supposed to be proof of that theory?
Sebastian: Point.
Dragon Age II Mark of the Assassin

Irene: The reason Sittas is concerned enough to hire me — and my services don't come cheaply — is because there's skullduggery in Constantinople.
Antonina: Please Irene! Saying there's skullduggery in Constantinople is like saying there's shit in a pigsty.
Irene: True. Perhaps I should say: there's a lot more skullduggery then usual...

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