Quotes / Deadline News

"2X2L calling CQ. 2X2L calling CQ. 2X2L calling CQ. New York. Isn't there anyone on the air? Is there anyone on the air?
Is there... anyone?"

"We open on the studios at Gotham Cityís Channel 5 News, and right away, we see that whoever does casting for this station has made a pretty crucial error. There are two anchors, and they both have bird-themed names. Seriously, youíre already tempting fate by calling it the Early Bird News; having further avian themes involved in your production is basically asking to be stabbed by an umbrella. I realize that itís easy for me to say this as an outside observer, but if youíre a famous person in Gotham City, youíre going to want to have the most generic name possible, and you especially want to avoid anything having to do with birds, clowns, playing cards, cats, Egypt, eggs, the number two, days of the week, books or writing of any sort, any kind of plant, any kind of animal, music or words. Just a heads up."
Chris Sims on Batman: The Brave and the Bold #191

Ron the cameraman: Um, Mike the reporter is dead, so this is Ron the camera man. A nucklear bomb was detonated in Disney Land. Thousands are dead. The one who did this was a blonde woman. She's killing every-oh god it's her!

A camera crew from Channel 3
Arrived in town to give
A live report. At this they failed,
Because they didn't live.

"I thought Syria was a controlled society," Blancanales commented. "If there were a coup in progress, would the regime allow news broadcasts?"
Powell laughed. "Who's talking about news? It's the jive line that I got to hear. Or the absence of jive. The music changes for a coup. If Hafez is dead, it'll either be upper music or downer music. If it's a serious coup, there'll be patriotic songs, military marches. If it's a very serious coup, you might hear shooting on the radio. Heard that one time. Deejay's rapping right along, playing pop rock and bebopping, then it's a Shootout in Studio RKO."
Able Team, "Rain of Doom"

WDBJ News anchor: We interrupt our CBS presentation for our breaking news here at WDBJ. Our general manager, Jeffery Marks has the details.
Jeffery Marks: Well, It's my very very sad duty to report that both Alice Parker and Adam Wards have both died from the shooting. We don't know who the suspect is.
—From the tragic WDBJ News coverage story.