Quotes / Deader Than Disco


I like pop, I like soul, I like rock, but I never liked disco!
Everclear, "AM Radio"

Live-Action TV

That's it. We're deader than tank tops!
The Cat, Red Dwarf

Web Original

"There were his omnipresent black clothes and ponytail, constants that became more comical with each film. The way his acting never got any better. The stupid way he would hold his pistol sideways all the time. The fact that no one ever shot him from a distance, but invariably walked up to him so that he could do that gun flipping move he trotted out every movie. The silly way he squinched his face when he was supposed to be pissed off. The lack of an adversary who could even marginally challenge the omnipotent Seagal, which eventually sort of lowered the suspense level. Even Seagal’s trademark fighting move, quickly grabbing and snapping an opponent’s arm, became farcical the forty or fiftieth time you saw it."
Jabootu on On Deadly Ground

"It was a genuine smash hit. But just a few years later, the critics hated it. It went from being called a masterpiece to masturbatory. In some cases, the same people who’d initially given it perfect scores were now mocking it openly, as if it had somehow changed for the worse. It hadn’t, of course, but this didn’t stop them from changing their minds. Calling it convoluted, pretentious, and full of 'metababble', they joined the fans in demanding answers, customer satisfaction, and justice from series creator Hideo Kojima."
Terry Wolf, MGS2: A Complete Breakdown"

Web Video

"If you take a film like The Princess Bride, which had moderate success in theatres, but went on to eventually become a famous part of popular culture, Insurrection is the flip side of the coin, hitting theaters hard, but then falling flat on its face. While it is now critically mixed, at the time, a substantial number said that it broke the odd-numbered rule. I know it sounds unbelievable, but that's because it's a movie that doesn't stand the test of time."

"For the most part, everyone hates it now; you, everyone looks back on those prequels like, "ooohh, those things were dogshit, Jar-Jar Binks sucked." Everyone hates it. Now, everyone talks about George Lucas like he's a fuckin' idiot, he "ruined" Star Wars, y'know, blah blah blah.

NO. Back in the day, when
Phantom Menace came out. EVERYONE. LOVED. THE PHANTOM MENACE. Roger Ebert, all the major critics HIGHLY REVIEWED The Phantom Menace. People walked outta there COMPLETELY SATISFIED with The Phantom Menace''.

Real Life
"Every artistic form—the blank-verse drama, the Greek plays, the novel—has only so many possibilities and only so long a life. And I have a feeling that in movies, until we break completely, we are only increasing the library of good works."