Quotes / Deader Than Disco


I like pop, I like soul, I like rock, but I never liked disco!
Everclear, "AM Radio"

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music they constantly play
It says nothing to me about my life
The Smiths, "Panic"

Disco sucks, It won't last too long
It's big right now but it's gonna fade away
Chuck Wagon & The Wheels, "Disco Sucks (Pt. 1)"

Live-Action TV

That's it. We're deader than tank tops!
The Cat, Red Dwarf

Web Original

Western Animation

Offscreen Guy: Hey, jerk! Disco is DEAD!
Jon: What!? When? Boy you learn a dance and then zango 14 years later they change it.
Garfield: Go figure....
Garfield and Friends; "Garfield Gets a Life"

Web Video

"If you take a film like The Princess Bride, which had moderate success in theatres, but went on to eventually become a famous part of popular culture, Insurrection is the flip side of the coin, hitting theaters hard, but then falling flat on its face. While it is now critically mixed, at the time, a substantial number said that it broke the odd-numbered rule. I know it sounds unbelievable, but that's because it's a movie that doesn't stand the test of time."

"For what's known as the low point of Dreamworks, it was massively successful. It was even number one in the United States theaters for three weeks. It was the ninth most profitable movie of 2004, and 2004 was not a bad year in film. It wasn't even a bad year for animated films really; not the best but still decent. Then I took a look at it, and it all made sense: this movie is a lot worse now then it first came out. You might have heard of this little trick: doing everything possible to be hip and relevant and trying to cash in on current trends. [...] Every fact about this movie just seems like a corporate cash-in. [...] Everything from the way that they talked, to the suspicious fact that another animated film starring fish was released with massive success just the year before, and as such, this movie has aged. It's aged about as well as a bag of rotten eggs on a summer time sidewalk."

Real Life
"Every artistic form—the blank-verse drama, the Greek plays, the novel—has only so many possibilities and only so long a life. And I have a feeling that in movies, until we break completely, we are only increasing the library of good works."