Quotes / Dead Fantasy

There was always a story, before I even knew there was a story. I put everyone in for a reason. Popular or unpopular they have a purpose. Please bear with time as the idea will reveal itself.

To me, Dead Fantasy's unique form is like a conversation. I bring you what you want, but with surprises along the way. I mean, that's the whole thing about fanart, right? Something you've seen before, just in fresher terms?

But, if you want to take it at face value, then yeah, FF VS Strippers!!! Hell, let me throw in some Soul Calibur chickS, and then I'll put in Kratos and Masterchief, oh and Goku, plus Naruto, plus Bleach..... Gaaahhh, sorry, every time someone suggest something like that, I just start FOAMING AT THE MOUTH!

It's even difficult for multi-million dollar companies to get a new IP attached, well isn't it kinda arrogant to assume your work is so good that it can compete with that? Well... no. No, it's not arrogant.

I consider it a success when I can get people to cheer "Ooohh" and "Aahh" about something as simple as pulling a sword, or someone stepping off a ledge, as much as they would over GINORMOUS EXPLOSIONS AND MAGICK SPELZZ!!!

I have big plans and I guarantee no one will see this coming. Suffice to say, I've grown past the idea of release dates.