->'''Doctor:''' "Captain Atom?" What kind of name is '''that?''' What's wrong with a snappy ''one word name?'' The only way he can feel important is to use a title?\\
'''Hawksmoor:''' You mean like ''Doctor?''\\
'''Captain Atom:''' This one's called "Voodoo". All these blunt, one-word names. I don't ''get'' it. No [[TotallyRadical pizzazz]]. No ''style''.
-->--''Captain Atom: Armageddon #4''

->''"Name wild, Captain mild," as my father used to say. Those who select the most ferocious of names are without exception the ones least worthy of them.''
-->--'''Twig''', ''Literature/TheEdgeChronicles''

->''Are you new to this line of work? Do you have a clever name like "Grifter"? One that sounds [[TotallyRadical hip]] at first until you realize it's trying too hard?''
-->--'''[[ComicBook/TheAuthority Midnighter]]''', [[HypocriticalHumor blind to his own flaws]], in ''ComicBook/CaptainAtom: Armageddon'' #8

->'''Superman''': Grifter, take your friend hiding there in the rafters--\\
'''Deathblow''': '''''Deathblow.'''''\\
'''Superman''': Seriously?
-->--Franchise/{{Superman}} Annual #1 (2012)

->''DUUUUUUUUUUDE you know what would be totally hardcore? If there was a comic that didn't feature any of those stupid 'dialog balloons' or 'plot points.' It just had a guy SHOOTIN' STUUUUUUUFF! We could call it BLOODGUN! YEAH!''
-->--'''90's Kid''', in [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] review of ''Comicbook/{{Cable}} #1''

->''Superman was never hardcore, he'll never last like characters like Bloodsport and Bloodaxe, and other characters with "Blood" in their name.''
-->--'''90's Kid''', WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall