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Morbo, Futurama

Dan Brown is not known for the quality of his research, but crucially, it's only when he writes of something you have personal knowledge of that you realise this. I'm not that big on early religion, medieval symbolism, Masonic history, particle physics, etc, so I will happily swallow all that. However Chapter 44 of Angels & Demons takes place at the BBC, putting me in a position to question its factual accuracy with some authority.
All in all, the chapter is wrong with pretty much everything, which makes me wonder about all the other chapters, set in places I
haven't worked in for twenty years. It's quite possible, of course, that Chapter 44 of Angels And Demons is an aberration, and that everything else Brown has written is scrupulously accurate. He was, of course, spot on about Jesus.
- Punt, Dennis and Holmes, The Now Show Book of World Records.

'You just make it up, at two crowns a notice. It's just like the portraits. You just make it all up.'
'The content doesn't matter,' Jaume answered quietly. 'Who's going to care? Who's going to know? Who's ever going to spot the contrivance or point out an error?'
'Well, me?' Gaunt suggested.
'With respect,' Jaume replied, 'in fifteen years, you're the first person to set foot in here, who was actually on Balhaut at the time. No, sir, the details don't matter. To the bereaved and the grieving, to the heartbroken and the inconsolable, the details aren't remotely important. All that matters is a handsome portrait of the soul they've lost and, if it helps, a few lines that speak to good character, sound duty, and a minimum of suffering. Two crowns, sir, is a small price to pay for that kind of easement and solace.'