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    In-Universe Quotes 

Cyclops: Like you aren't dying to hit me.
Benjamin: You're Scott Summers! Everyone's dying to hit you.
Uncanny X-Men #14

Cyclops: (to Xavier) You have a dream. I have a plan.
Uncanny X-Men #515

Emma Frost: Poor little Scott Summers— the boy most likely to have a nervous breakdown— prepared his whole life to lead an army by everyone he ever knew and trusted. And then it's time to grow up and lead and— and it's an awkward fit on him, sometimes.
Uncanny X-Men #522

Havok: Yeah, what do you say when your father pops up after 20 years? That reunion must have been rough for you, Scott. At least, when I was adopted, I had surrogate parents to love, who loved me. You had nothing.
Cyclops: I survived, then and now.
Uncanny X-Men #1159

Cyclops: Everyone has work to do. Do it. Until the world needs saving.
Uncanny X-Men, 2011 annual

Jean: Just like a horse needs to run, you have to use your power.
X-Men: First Class

Cyclops: Why can't everyone just be straight with me?
Emma Frost: Because we live in a bendy world, dear. Let go.
New X-Men #131

Cyclops: Xavier and Fury trained us pretty well. I probably killed six thousand men. And I didn't give a damn. Until I saw the looks we got from our own side.
X-Treme X-Men #10

Cyclops: I was never adopted. The orphanage was the only home I knew...Until I ran away. Saying all this isn't easy, Jean...I...I love you.
Uncanny X-Men #138

Cyclops: I come out [to the Savage Land] to clear my head. Get centered again, get focused. Strip everything down to fundamentals and just do the work. No second guessing. No surprises.
Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age, during the dinosaur-fighting scene

Cyclops: Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself...But I've always thought that deadly eyes set me apart- in a world of my own. Since I feel I'm a potential threat to anyone I meet...Anyone I know...I've always tried to keep everybody at arm's length.
X-Men #32

Magneto: The first time I looked into those eyes of yours...I'm not ashamed to say that it was me who blinked first.
Prelude to Schism #2

Cyclops: (after defeating the Void sliver in his brain) What can I say? I'm an expert at repression.
Uncanny X-Men #519

Cyclops: (to Emma) We're a lot alike. Too damn private for our own good. The hardest thing for us to do is trust. Moments like these, when we've been hammered, our first impulse is to deal with the loss alone. We forget that X-Men is plural. We're part of a team.
House of M: The Day After

Cyclops: And now, Magneto's back- stronger than ever- and all the X-Men are kept busy fighting him, leaving Professor Xavier unprotected. That's why we're heading home, because I think Eric's after the Professor. And we've got to be there to stop him.
Wolverine: Hey, Summers, you can justify this 'til the day you die, but it won't change the fact that you made us run. You turned the X-Men inta (sic) cowards, bub, an' that's something the Wolverine'll never forgive!
X-Men #104

Scott: Sinister. Magneto. Apocalypse. Idealists, every one. You canít buy yourself off this by saying you meant well.
Charles: Iím not trying to.
Scott: The core you built the rest of us around was a lie. You took us apart and reassembled us, the way a soldier does with a rifle. But at the end of the day, Professor - a soldier goes into battle himself.
X-Men: Legacy #125

Cyclops: We have been, and always shall be, sworn to protect a world that hates and despises us. Only now...we shall all be free.
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1

    Meta Quotes 


Cyclops is the best superhero in the world. He is, as far as I'm concerned, the Batman. He's been in intensive training since his early teenage years to lead the first-ever mutant rescue and security team. This is a guy who gets up every morning asking himself how he can be better.
Warren Ellis

For so long, his entire life was about unattainable ideals: idealized love, idealized comradeship, selfless altruism in trying to serve the world. Betraying Jean with Emma was surrender to the human. Personally I view that as a survival tactic. He was headed for self-immolation, for martyrdom of some kind, and he brought himself down into the world. He admitted that he was just a fallible guy in the one arena where he was allowed to fail.
Mark Carey here

Well, Iím fascinated with leaders in general. And people that stand up and say, "I will lead, I can do this," always fascinate me. You have to have a little bit of ego and narcissism and quite a fantastic view of yourself to decide that you are leadership potential, or that you know better, or that you can take responsibility for others. Itís fascinating to me, but the best leaders are also humble and world wise, and all of that is something that Cyclops has. In their best moments, thatís something that Cyclops has, but in their worst moments, their ego gets in their way, or their self-loathing gets in their way, and all that is worth analyzing.
Brian Michael Bendis here

"There's a dichotomy there that everyone who knows him hates him, but everyone who doesn't know him loves him. Here's a man whose powers are actually broken because of all the stuff that's gone on with him, but he has to stand up and be this perfect mutant person ó he's the most fascinating person in the Marvel Universe right now to me.
Brian Michael Bendis here

The one thing we agreed on at the start, though, is that [Cyclops] is No Fun. For good or ill, he is all business, all the time — he's never done anything but be an X-Man, so it's really all he knows how to do. But that actually makes him really fun to write. You've got people flying around, cutting up robots with claws, blowing things up with explosive playing cards and shooting fireworks out of their hands, and then there's this guy off to the side with his arms crossed insisting that none of this is cool or fun, it's just The Job They Have To Do.
Chris Sims, here


Finally, he was one of the first Marvel superheroes to get a serious, ongoing romantic storyline, which ended up hijacking the character to an extent that over the years, armageddons have been brought forth because of who Cyclops has been fucking, and his massively super-powered children and their psychotic clones litter the time stream. The only reason the Avengers haven't tackled him and slapped an adamantium chastity belt on him years ago is because Tony Stark refuses to make anything with the word "chastity" in it.
— The Cracked article 4 Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

...But he only knows point A and Z, without any of the steps in between. He is unaware that through strength of will, and character, he bound the worldís mutants to his banner during their darkest days. He does not understand the price paid so the mutants would have a new genesis. He does not know the son he will one day have, and what Nathan was able to accomplish because of his father. He is not aware of the year his life was bound to Apocalypse after sacrificing himself for everybody else. He is not aware of how much worse it would have been if not for his presence in these times. His view is limited, and missing crucial details.
He does not have the perspective yet to understand how his life gets to where it is now.

— The blogger Jason, about Young Cyclops

Though Scott understands why everyone is angry with him, he doesnít relent on his goal: the survival of the mutant race. Itís what drives Scott to do what he does because all he sees around him are people who want mutants to be wiped from existence. By this point in his life, after all heís been through, after all the hatred and suffering, Xavierís vision is nothing more than a pipedream. All that matters is survival and heís the one who has to make sure it happens.
Samantha Cross, The Fall of Scott Summers

Once there was an X-Man
Scott Summers was his name
The stoic fearless leader
Some say that he was lame...

— The filk "Why Cyclops Is The Wrongiest Wrong Person to Ever Wrong" by antiochene