->''"For as the [[BurnTheWitch torture grim]]\\
Seized on each withered limb\\
The writhing dame\\
Mid fire and flame\\
Yelled forth this curse on him\\
'Each lord of Ruddigore\\
Despite his best endeavor\\
Shall [[DesignatedVillain do one crime or more]]\\
Once, every day, forever.\\
This doom he can't defy\\
However he may try\\
For should he stay his hand, that day\\
In torture he shall die!'"''
-->--'''"Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, His Leisure and His Riches"''', ''Theatre/{{Ruddigore}}''

->'''Sam:''' So how do we break the curse?\\
'''Dean:''' You ''don't'' break a curse. You get out of its way.