Quotes / Cult Classic

"All cult really means is that something is popular that others didn't expect to be popular. Some people get it. Others are assholes."

"The purpose of a cult is exclusion. If you're not in the cult, you are by definition lacking some essential quality shared by its members. Those inside the cult can feel privileged, even gifted, by their ability to Get It."

"But the key thing with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is that it is, like Howard the Duck, one of those genuine examples of a cult movie by accident. People who make cult movies on purpose don't make cult movies, they make bad movies. Piranha 3D, all the Troma movies — those are movies that want to be cult movies, but they aren't. Genuine cult movies are movies which try to be popular mainstream hits but somehow are so squiffed, so off-balance, so offbeat, so strange, so quirky, so against the mainstream that they don't find that audience — and yet later on, people embrace them."

"And as you know, back in 1970... I starred on a series called, Wha' Happened?. And every time something would go wrong, I'd look at the camera and say: 'Hey, wha' happened?'. We had a lot of fun with that and a lot of other catch phrases: 'I got a real red wagon!', and uh, 'I can't do my work!', And I believe I was the first one to use the phrase, 'I don't think so!'. But it only lasted a year. And that's good because that's how you establish a cult."
Mike LaFontaine, A Mighty Wind

"I go there and itís like going to a foreign country, with so many people in different costumes, dressed as different characters. Iíve met a few Borg, actually. Itís so bizarre and wonderful, and I kept thinking, 'Are they going to have things like this for Grey's Anatomy in 20 years?'"
Mariette Hartley, on attending a Star Trek convention

"Our frothing demand for this game increases."
IGN.com review of Ikaruga, as quoted on the cover of the North American Nintendo GameCube release.

"A regular movie is one that a thousand people watch once. A cult movie is one that a single person watches a thousand times."
Bruce Campbell, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor"

"The Sega CD had its place in history. I mean don't get me wrong, it's a piece of shit, but it had a certain appeal."

"The most interesting [field trip] was when we took about 30 kids to a music store and I figured 'well, okay, I'll drive on that,' and we got there and I'm kind of standing over by the piano, and I was thinking 'well, I'm gonna get recognized any minute now.' Then I decided to move over by the percussion and I found an interesting lighting situation and I'm ready for 'aren't you that guy?' Nothing. I went over by the guitars and I waited. Nothing. I was a little let down. A week later they asked me to drive on another field trip, this time they're going to the dump. 12 guys surrounded my car. Go figure. Everybody knows me... at the dump."
Tom Waits, on his status as such.