Quotes / Cruel Player-Character God

"So presumably you know what The Sims is at this point, it's the best possible argument against the existence of a benevolent interventionist god in which you direct small groups of dollhouse residents until they cease to amuse then burn their lives to the ground and laugh at their betrayed tears."

"It's an idea that many people seem to latch onto that if we were created by some kind of God then obviously he did it because he loves us so huggy-muggy much. Never are the holes in this theory more obvious than while playing God games, because it seems when you place most people in the position of a God and give them responsibly over many tiny lesser beings then their attitude towards them is usually less about beloved children and more about target practice."
Yahtzee's review of SimCity Societies.

A group of people are at the complete, utter mercy of a whimsical and cruel god who alternates between deleting their toilets and trapping them inside the very walls of their own homes.
The same group of people's descendants are placed into the hands of the same god, who now can bring fates worse than the plagues of Egypt upon them. Death itself occasionally ignores their corpses and watches their telly.
Our description of The Sims and The Sims 2 on Better Than It Sounds.

"Playing Populous and SimEarth is automatically an admission that you've done horrible things to your own people.