Quotes: Critical Research Failure

Mabel Pines: The ancient Aztec's Chest Skull was the modern equivalent to today's 'Orange you happy, mon?'
Dipper Pines: Yes, Aztec war paint was exactly like a Rasta orange."''

Doctor: Voyager wasn't a warship! We were explorers!
Quarren: Yes, I know. Trying to get home, to Mars.
Doctor: EARTH! You see, you couldn't even get that right!
Star Trek: Voyager, "Living Witness"

"I was there when he shot Burt Reynolds!"
Larry Lovage, on Willie Nelson in Leisure Suit Larry

"In nature, spiders have many natural enemies. There is one main predator they always have to watch out for. The mighty octopus. Their tentacles of sheer fury are fierce opponents. Only through agility, resolution, and quick banter can the amazing spider atone for the danger he faces."
Loli Loves Venom #32 (why you should not ask Venom for homework help).

George Wood: Final Fantasy VII is no different from the series' last installments in terms of execution.
Diabetus: Uh, except for just about everything?
slowbeef: The Materia, the active time battles...?
Diabetus: It's on a PlayStation?
slowbeef: Uh, the fucking snowboarding minigame that you're showing?
Navgtr Responds to the Fans, Retsupurae

"...H. G. Wells is separated from almost all actual representation of his history. The list of historical howlers about Wells is huge — his accent is wrong, his hair color is wrong, he goes by Herbert instead of George, heís inexplicably well off, he appears to believe in God... Indeed, about the only meaningful trait Herbert displays in terms of him being HG Wells is that heíll supposedly write several books based on these experiences. But, of course, the plots of his books donít really resemble Timelash either. "

"What might have been a trenchant idea, that copyright law is outdated and does nothing but leash creativity, is undermined by Matt Yglesias and his poo-filled head. His argument is based around the author who took over writing James Bond novels complaining that he has to please too many people, including Ian Fleming's estate, and it makes writing a James Bond book hard. Yglesias then points to Sherlock Holmes, a character no longer under copyright, and all the wonderful Sherlock Holmes stories not written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Because the ultimate creativity is writing fan fiction that never matches or surpasses the original work, and we need to get rid of copyright law so we can have more fan fiction. Thanks, bro. Really thought about that one."

"First off, we get some hooey about the Roaring Twenties being great for poor people (in reality, income inequality drastically increased) and how the 1929 crash was not really caused by speculation. Yes, the stupidity starts this early."
Rational Wiki on "historian" Amity Shlaes

"The occasional mistake is one thing. Consistent and complete lack of research is another. And for the love of God, authors, is it that difficult to hand your manuscript to a native speaker of the foreign tongue you're attempting to mangle and ask them 'Look, would somebody actually say something like this in your language, or did I just inadvertently reveal my hero's latent homosexual tendencies by having him address the heroine by the masculine form of 'my darling' throughout the book?'"

There are attempts to address some fandom controversies in this work, including Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments series, who plagiarized from a romance author back in her fanfic writing days. Jamison undercuts the plagiarism by saying "Isn't all fanfic copyright infringement anyway?" note 
— Commenter Rose reviewing Anne Jamison's Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World

Dear Daily Mail, there's a thing called a search engine, use it
If you'd Googled my tits in advance you'd have found that your photos are hardly exclusive.
Amanda Palmer, "Dear Daily Mail"