Quotes / Critical Annoyance

"If you have to have constant warning signs, you maybe need to fix your game, or maybe I'm not that stupid and I don't need them after all; like, remove them from Maniac mode. Kinda takes some of the Thunder Force excitement of weapon switching out of the equation. No need to be quick about it when you have a big flashing warning sign: 'Hey stupid, change your weapon!'"

Grenier: No! Have mercy! Not this sound! Uuuh... Never in my gamer life have I hated a sound this much. This is the sound that reminds you you're in deep shit, in a game that doesn't have passwords! How can you concentrate on the game while constantly hearing that? It's like you have a pal that stays with you to bully you!
(cut to Grenier playing the game with Seb by his side)
Seb: You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die.

"Warning: Vital signs critical. Seek medical attention."
"Emergency: User death imminent!"
— Your HEV suit, Half-Life series

JARVIS: "Seven percent power."
Tony Stark: "I know! Just leave it on the screen, stop telling me!"