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Quotes: Crazy Awesome
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"Who the hell you calling crazy?
You wouldnít know what crazy was if Charles Manson
Was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch
Time out, letís get something clear
I speak more truth than you want to hear
Scapegoat to cover up your fear"
Suicidal Tendancies, "You Can't Bring Me Down"

Lord Cutler Beckett: You're mad!
Captain Jack Sparrow: Thank goodness for that, because if I wasn't, this would probably never work!

"All the greatest men are maniacs. They are possessed by a mania which drives them forward towards their goal. The great scientists, the philosophers, the religious leaders — all maniacs. What else but a blind singlenee of purpose could have given focus to thier genius, would have kept them in the groove of purpose. Mania ... is as priceless as genius."

Otacon: I always suspected there was a little something crazy about you, Snake. But after hearing that story... Now I know it. You're nuts! Single-handedly taking out a tank? That's crazy! You're insane!
Snake: Otacon, is this your idea of a compliment?
Otacon: YES! You're the toughest, craziest, most hardcore badass on the planet! You're... THE SHIT!

"The moment their arms spun freely in our air, they were doomed — for Man has earned his right to hold this planet against all comers, by virtue of occasionally producing someone totally batshit insane."

"There's this guy we know got himself some power by doing something crazy — we're just waiting to see what he does next."
Dayakka (on Kamina), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

"I've codified the five different types of pillow fights:
Man vs Woman: Fun
Woman vs Woman: Awesome
Man vs Man: Gay
Man vs pillow: Crazy
and Pillow vs Pillow: Crazy Awesome"

Jondar: Is he sane, this "Doctor"?
Peri: Sometimes...

"There's something you better understand about me because it's important, and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box!"
The Doctor, Doctor Who

Zaphod Beeblebrox: I just materialised out of thin air in one of your cafes as a result of an argument with a ghost of my great-grandfather. No sooner had I got there than my former self, the one that operated on my brain, popped into my head and said go see Zarniwoop. I have never heard of the cat. That is all I know. (wink)
Receptionist: (awed) Mr. Beeblebrox sir, you're so weird you should be in movies.
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Yeah. And you, baby, should be in real life.

"Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire."'

Abner: Are you seriously thinking we should go back — into a hostile town full of armed soldiers — to rescue a girl from a madboy's fortress?
Lars: Yes! Yes I am!
Abner: There's a million reasons why that is not going to work.
Dimo: (from the roof of a moving wagon where they managed to sneak) Dun vorry. Dere's three reasonz it iz.

Valerie Brannigan: [The Doctor]'s completely insane!
Thomas Kincade Brannigan: That, and a bit magnificent!

    real life 
"Some may never live, but the crazy never die."

"A sane person to an insane society must appear insane."
Kurt Vonnegut, Welcome to the Monkey House

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'"

"People like Brando are just kindergarten compared to Kinski. He is totally mad and unpredictable."
Werner Herzog (on collaborator/nemesis Klaus Kinski)

There was only one sure thing I knew when starting HS. That was that this thing would go batshit insane in ways I couldn't begin to imagine. In fact, it was practically the mission statement.
Andrew Hussie, author of MS Paint Adventures' Homestuck

"My theory is that, in order to keep itself balanced, the physical plane of nature provides for evolution with natural selection, and in the same way, the spiritual plane of pure thought-energy provides for evolution by a similar slow gradual process in the transformation of consciousness. What neither of these planes can deal with are surges or leaps that upset the delicate precise balance needed for change to be properly accepted. Bill Hicks upset that balance in the spiritual plane of thought-energy. The spiritual plane requires gradual transformation. Remember those 'Travellers' in Dune? Hicks' body, had we had the technology to sustain his life even with pancreatic cancer, would've eventually transformed into a big-worm blob with female genitalia for a nose and mouth. Or remember the uni-cellular globule that William Hurt was about to turn into in Altered States? That would've been Hicks."
Cody Wayne on Bill Hicks, Interesting Motherfuckers

"Takeshi Kitano, a.k.a. 'Beat Takeshi'. Japanese film director, comedian, singer, actor, screenwriter, poet, painter — okay, what WASN'T this guy?and one-time video game designer. Yeah, y'hear that? One time. 'Cause one time is all he needed... The next steps are entirely made of logic: 1) quit job, 2) take money out of the office plant, 3) learn to hang-glide, 4) all the while managing to dodge Yakuza toughs that are trying to beat the shit out of you as you moon-jump past."

"In all seriousness, is there a more interesting comic creator in history than that dude? I mean, joking aside, for a quick sideline, the dude drew Captain America punching Hitler in the face, felt unfulfilled doing it artistically, drew all his comics for his war service in advance, and then went off to go kill a bunch of Nazis. Iím sure this is no new opinion, but Jack Kirby is totally awesome."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Icarus")

"Arnold's most spectacular kill comes from one of his crappiest movies. He was being chased by a truckload of villains through a suburban neighborhood where cars exploded senselessly, almost retardedly. Arnold used this to his advantage by shooting a man into an ice cream truck. Its truly ridiculous explosion sent an ice cream cone directly into a villain's skull. There's no fine line between stupid and awesome with Arnold. He is all of both, all the time."

"Can we just stop and realize how awesome that quote is? 'I knew Bill Murray had my back from the first moment I saw him hiding behind that rock in his cowboy hat.'"

"In the video above, you see shape-shifting coyote trickster god Bill Murray walking in on a bachelor party in Charleston, dishing out some advice to everyone EXCEPT the groom... Bill Murray's job now is to pop up in random spots and make your day, and he's gotten so, so good at it. His advice is excellent, by the way. 'You know how they say funerals aren't for the dead but for the living?'"

"Only Nicolas Cage could make a complete outfit of a cowboy hat (which cost $950,000 and once belonged to the real Buffalo Bill), gold aviators (which cost $300,000 and once belonged to Elvis), a purple blazer (which cost $15,000 and was worn by Bette Midler in Big Business), gold beads (which are really solid gold anal beads, cost $2,600,000 and were once up King Tutís asshole), a gaudy ass gold ring (which cost $860,000 and once belonged to Liberace), gun holsters (which cost $1,000,000 and once belonged to Billy the Kid), a cane (which cost $160,000 and once belonged to Charlie Chaplin) and $20 fringed pants from a pimp store in Reno...In other words, this is Nicolas Cageís greatest look and nothing proudly says 'Iím a crazy bitch' like unironically wearing a t-shirt with your own meme on it."

"Even amongst that company, Warriorís interviews stood out as notably insane. Asked to do an impersonation of a wrestler, most people would shout 'Next week, Iíll kick your ass!' into an imaginary camera, but his most infamous, to build up the most iconic match of his career, revolves around his daring 'Hul Ko-gan' to hijack and crash a plane, as a means to testing his mettle. With its strangely measured cadence, it plays like Brandoís speech in Apocalypse Now, and increasingly in the era where teams of writers hand WWE performers a script before they give them the mic, it now feels like something we all dreamed."
Stuart Millard eulogizes the Ultimate Warrior

"Any random YouTube search will tell you (Scott) Steiner is easy pickings for comedy, but over the years Iíve grown to admire Big Poppa Pump as a performer. I think itís because he delivers baffling promos while at the same time looking like the most horrifying man alive. Thatís a winning combination to me. On top of that, you get the bonus that he appears to be a true mad man.

And that is something so sorely missing in wrestling today: a lunatic. "

"Pillow versus pillow equals crazy awesome — that's a real pillow fight right there. You see two pillows fighting, you know something's going down. They're designed for relaxation. If they're fighting, what hope do we have?"
Demetri Martin on Pillow Fights

"While he did write classic peace songs like "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance," keep in mind that he also wrote "I Am the Walrus," so he did not possess the soundest of minds."

"Other shows jump the shark, Mr T's cold-clocks it!"
The Agony Booth's recap of the Mister T episode "The Mystery of the Golden Medallion"

"I'm crazy... and I'm right."
Bad Lip Reading, "Rick Santorum".

"The reason your idea is crazy is because it's not crazy enough. It's just sane enough that someone might consider it as a possibility, and you'll get caught because you were being predictable. If you, say, destroyed the world economy, thus rendering bounties null and void, and later established cat pictures as the new world currency, that would be so far outside the realm of plausibility that [it] is has to work."

"A German student "mooned" a group of Hell's Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said."

"Sometimes, the only way to deal with a madman is to send in another madman."
"That's a stupid plan!"
"Exactly! A stupid plan for a stupid man!"
"...Are you high?"
Angry Joe and Linkara regarding sending Dr. Insano after the Nostalgia Critic, Kickassia

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