Quotes / Cosmic Retcon

Pollo the Robot: Why don't you just do what Superboy-Prime did and punch the wall?
Linkara: Oh, I tried that already, Pollo. I ended up hitting the wall for like half an hour and the only thing I got out of it was that Donna Troy got a new origin and Doctor Insano became a guy.
Pollo the Robot: Um, Doctor Insano was always a guy.
Linkara: Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.
The Spoony Experiment review of Clones of Bruce Lee.

"I have been blind from birth, Rastigevat, and yet, I have the dearest, sweetest memory of what your face looks like when you're sad . . . I try to hold on to it, recall it more strongly, and it slips away. Is this what it will be like for everyone?"
Horejsi, Things Undone

Amy: He doesn't hold back. You know the Doctor.
Kazran: How do I? I never met him before tonight. Now I seem to have known him all my life...how? Why?
Doctor Who, "A Christmas Carol"

"I've been around the block a few times. More than a few. They've knocked down the blocks I've been around and rebuilt them as bigger blocks. Super blocks! I've been around them as well."
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Night Terrors"

Colon: That shop. That shop there. Was it there yesterday?
Nobby: 'Course. It's always been there. Been there years.
Colon: Yeah, right. It's just that...I mean...was it there for years yesterday?

"Season five had Dawn in it. Dawn is Buffy's little sister. What's that, you ask, there was no mention of Buffy ever having a little sister, you can't just throw in random shit and act like it's always been there. Welcome to fan reaction when this first aired."

"What’s really scary is I know exactly how they could do it. If the filmmakers decide that Alien³ and Resurrection actually “happened”, all they have to do is adopt the same method of restarting franchises that’s very much in vogue these days, thanks to the Star Trek reboot, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the upcoming Terminator film: Have a character travel into the past, going from the timeframe of Resurrection to just after Aliens to stop whatever disaster befell the Sulaco, causing the creation of an alternate parallel timeline that splits off in a totally different direction from Alien³.

I’m about 80% positive that’s what they’ll do, but believe me, I really and truly do not want to be right about this. When I think about time travel hijinks and headache-inducing paradoxes and reset buttons being introduced into the Alien universe, the “it was all a dream” explanation suddenly starts looking pretty reasonable."