Quotes / Corpse Land

The war is over and people lying,
Dead and buried in mother earth
Corpses cover the ground and the world is dying,
Dead and buried and eternal birth
— "Spirits of the Dead" by Grave Digger

"Souls do not rest there. They come back... angry."

In the Shadowlands, Deepwater is even more disturbing, as it appears in a haze of bloated dead fish, crustaceans, and human bodies. As one gets closer to the installation, the haze of bodies becomes a diseased, almost impenetrable soup. Those who penetrate the murk to reach Deepwater in the Shadowlands find the installation in fine condition - it's just everything around it that's dead.

He came across bones of men scattered so thickly upon the ground that they resembled drifts of snow. He passed the remains of a two-headed giant, impaled by a spear against the split trunk of a great oak, and the withered husk of a creature with the torso of a woman and the legs of a spider, an axe buried in its back. Worst of all, he descried the features of men on the tree trunks, and believed them the play of shadow upon bark, until he drew closer and saw that they were the shriveled faces of those whom he had known in life - knights, squires, soldiers - torn from their corpses and nailed to the wood.
But he neither saw nor heard one sign of life.

The terrain of the Realm itself is hideous. The realm is a feculent wasteland of browns and slimy grays, mud pits, piles of rotting skin and cairns of skulls and bones. Putrid or mummified carcasses of mutilated victims project halfway out of the ooze, their forms locked in rictuses of torture. Mass graves, dug by unknown hands, serve as repositories for countless corpses. Black, ash-laden smoke fills the gray sky, and the stench (a combination of rot, burning flesh, sulfur and feces) is nigh-unbearable.
—The Atrocity Realm, Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Umbra: The Velvet Shadows