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Quotes: Cool Loser
I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser.
Barenaked Ladies, 'Falling for the First Time'

Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth
So everyone can hear
Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down
Baby I don't care
Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out
You wanna be
You wanna be
A loser like me
New Directions original song, 'Loser Like Me'

"Tennant is more interested in acting the consequences of the tragic fall than he is in the tragic flaw itself. Which is fine, as he’s terribly good at acting the consequences. But Moffat writes the inadequacies better, and he just doesn’t have the Doctor for what he wants to do here. He wrote for Eccleston, who would play this sort of material with an alienating blankness, clearly not understanding the consequences of what he’s doing. He’ll eventually rewrite it all for Smith, who plays this stuff with a manic bumbling... But Tennant doesn’t give him that. Moffat writes the Doctor discovering girls, but Tennant plays the Doctor getting laid."

"So, you should know the story by now: 'Peter Parker-Uncle Ben-BANG BANG Dead-Power and Responsibility-Shitty Villains-Whine Whine Woe is Me-I'm Beating the Pussy Off With a Stick' et cetera."

"After two movies, I think I have a good idea of what my issue is with Andrew Garfield: he’s actually a pretty decent Spider-Man, but he’s an awful Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire, who’s gotten a lot of unfair flack since his series ended, had kind of the opposite problem, in that he was a great Peter Parker but only an okay Spider-Man. If you can only nail one of these, being a great Peter Parker is far more vital in the long run."

"Sam is still an annoying prick of a main character. This is a man who has the Transformers as best friends, has an underwear model as a girlfriend, and has been involved in several battles with an alien race. Yet in this movie he feels like he is owed more from everyone else and does nothing but bitch and moan about his oh so horrible life."

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