Quotes / Cool, Clear Water

Baroxyin Biroxas. A microscopic water wyrm. The lake is lousy with them. If they ever enter the bloodstream, say through the mouth or nose or tear ducts, they infest the bloodstream, multiplying at a prodigious rate, bursting blood vessels, severing neural pathways and eventually causing such related symptoms like an inability to remember your own name, an inability to speak, an inability to regulate bowel movements and an inability to live.
Ayatani Kautas, Double Eagle

Red: Speaking of action and trucking, Moose Thompson decided to wash his truck this week, and he likes to use Possum Lake water because we got so much soap residue in there it makes its own suds.
Harold: Sometimes, y'know, it leaves a nice layer of wax on your fenders and can oil your door hinges too, it's really good!