Quotes / Cool Boat

" The Surprise has a bluff bow, lovely lines. She's a fine seabird: weatherly, stiff and fast... very fast, if she's well handled. No, she's not old. She's in her prime."
Captain "Lucky Jack" Aubrey, Master and Commander

Cigarette Boat: Okay, who else started humming the theme to Miami Vice as soon as you saw the phrase "cigarette boat"? You can fess up, it's okay. These are racing boats, officially. In practice, they're more often used as "Hey, ladies! Check out this incredible symbol of my virility!" boats. That, or "Run! It's the Coast Guard! And we've got eight pounds of cocaine hidden in the cooler!" boats.
Feng Shui: Golden Comeback

"Oh, fuck yeah. This fucking boat's got more balls than the fucking Celtics locker room!"