Quotes: Contractual Genre Blindness

182. No figuring out the plot and killing the actual villain five minutes into the adventure.

Elan: But on the other hand, bardic tradition demands that I withhold it all so that at some later point, you can accidentally learn an incomplete version and jump to all of the wrong conclusions later leading to entertaining dramatic conflict later in our relationship.
Haley: So...what are you going to do?
Elan: Tell you everything. How are we supposed to get a happy ending if we can't be honest?

For countless generations we have done things in a certain way. We can't just do everything differently now because it... "makes sense".
Senor Senior, Sr.: A proper villain always leaves his foe when he is about to expire.
Senor Senior, Sr.: Why?
Senor Senior, Sr.: Well, it would be bad form to just loll about, waiting for it!
-Kim Possible, "Animal Attraction"