Quotes / Contemptible Cover

There's a bimbo on the cover of my book
There's a bimbo on the cover of my book
She is blonde and she is sexy,
She is nowhere in the text, she
Is the bimbo on the cover of my book
Maya Bohnhoff (unless it's Michael Flynn or P. R. Frost, both of whom have also been credited with it).

"'The contents of a paperback book mean absolutely nothing. It is the cover that sells the book. I first got suspicious when Absalom, Absalom! outsold Sanctuary. How can this be? Absalom is almost unreadable. So I changed the covers. Put a sexy one on Sanctuary and a distinguished one on Absalom. Sanctuary took off. It really was all in the presentation.'"
Gore Vidal quoting the founder of Signet and Mentor paperbacks, Palimpsest

What's with all the poor freaked-out horsies on romance novel covers? Is every day Throw A Rattlesnake in Front of Your Horse Day in Romancelandia?

"I do note with interest that old women in my books become young women on the covers."
Terry Pratchett, alt.fan.pratchett (some time in 1994 or earlier)

"I think they're being a little optimistic. I think they're only gonna appeal to males age 18-35 who'll be willing to be seen in public carrying this."
Amber O'Malley, Shortpacked!