Quotes / Conservation of Ninjutsu

Han Solo: Six, seven, eight of them. The more, the better.
Leia Organa Solo: The more, the better?
Han Solo: Yeah, when we get enough of them in here, we can't possibly lose.
Leia Organa Solo: Now I know why you never want to be told the odds. Because you don't know what they mean!

The bigger the bunch, the weaker the monster!

"You wanna fight? There's only one ninja left, and that means I'm death incarnate!"
House Kubota Assassin, The Order of the Stick

A horde of elite ninjas are useless against a lone opponent, but one dead, rotting and retarded ninja can perform occasional miracles.

Always choose a bigger enemy. It makes him easier to hit.
— Snibril in The Carpet People, Cohen the Barbarian in Interesting Times, etc. etc.... Terry Pratchett likes this one.

"Wow! Do we really suck, or is this guy really THAT DAMN GOOD!?"
Hertz, Shoot 'em Up, right after Smith outperforms his entire army of mooks.

"No! There are a hundred of us! GET HIM. What is happening?!"

"Did I hear one of you ask how this glory can be real? I remember...when you stormed my mansion, and you alone cut through my army of ninjas and I kept hearing "He's just one man! He's just one man!" I didn't realize it until then, but that was how I defeated all of your peoples in the 80's. I was just one man. And now I am just one man again! And I am killing you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"There are three of them! Three! Anything can be killed if you do your damn jobs!"

Supporting Characters often gang up in the desperately misguided belief that more thugs are somehow more dangerous. You'd think they'd learn, but no amount of evidence seems to be able to persuade them.

"I thought samurai would be fun! But you bore me. You're useless. Even more useless in great numbers."
Kiga, 13 Assassins

"Bullshit. Can't be. How could 3 men do this?"
Amir Kaffarov lampshading this trope, Battlefield 3

"You're saying over 400 soldiers have been beaten!? The soldiers aren't that weak, do you expect me to believe that so many have fallen!?"
—A Navy Officer, One Piece

"You know how to fight six men. We can teach you how to engage six hundred."

"It says here the Ninja Rangers defeated, like, 100 space mutants at one time."

Twoflower: When seven men go out to fight an army 100,000 times bigger, there's only one way it can end.
Rincewind: Right. I'm glad you see sense.
Twoflower: They'll win. They've got to. Otherwise the world's just not working properly.

Terry McGinnis: Seven against two. Pretty bad odds.
Bruce Wayne: For them.
Batman Beyond short.

"Henry Ford would never have built good ninja... you can't just crank them out."

Various Mooks, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

"Ah the ninja. Master of stealth, martial arts, and here, even necromantic magic. Put em in a group though... cannon fodder.
Edge of Venomverse #2''