Quotes / Conflict Killer

"The year 1939 marked a profound change for humanity. Just how drastic was this transition? Simply put, mankind no longer had the luxury to engage in the act of killing each other."
Strike Witches semi-canon "Witch in Africa" manga.

Maybe itís the White Walker threat itself that is killing the show...The story of a kingdom warring against itself while a greater threat gathers is one thatís been building steam since season one...Itís a great story with a touch of a parable to it, and it seems more relevant now than ever before...But no matter how it plays out, the end result will be to retrospectively cast all of the feuds and double-crosses, tragedies and victories that came before as comparatively trivial. "None of this stuff matters compared to this new threat" is a good idea on paper, but given how much emotion weíve invested in the stories of all these characters over the course of seven seasons, and how deeply invested we are in the humanity of even the worst of them, that might not be a sentiment that anyone, not even the hardiest of die-hard Thrones fans, wants to hear. It could be that no matter how we get to that ending, and whether itís a happy one, a tragic-ironic one, or something in between, it will still disappoint us on some level...Casablanca taught us that the problems of two little people donít amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, and in a larger sense, itís true. Maybe the deeper issue here isnít any particular storytelling choice, but the fact that weíve been staring at that hill of beans for seven years and canít bear the thought of sweeping them aside.
Matt Zoller Seitz, Article on the Vulture, August, 28 2017.