Quotes / Complacent Gaming Syndrome

(Regarding ways to kill the "Big Daddies" from BioShock)
"I start them off next to a hacked camera, or an RPG turret if I can swing it. From there it's a straight charge down a hallway of electrified trap bolts, ending with a proximity mine in a pile of oxygen canisters. So put some effort into it."
"But, I like my shotgun. It has lightning bullets."

#5: Realize about halfway through the game that you've been using the same weapon non-stop...then realise you don't care, because you're having fun rather than fretting over weapon-juggling.

"They played de_dust for six whole days before switching over to cs_office. Everyone immediately started complaining, and I saw my chance for escape."
Gordon Frohman, Concerned, on getting stuck in a Counter-Strike game for too long

"My usual instinct in your standard multifaceted combat system is to find one or two things that generally work and keep hitting those until something tells me to stop. But I had to unlearn that. Cunningly, Transistor withholds story documents until you use all three modes of each function in combat, which is good design as it encouraged me to experiment — and discover that yes, the 'Switch' power was as fucking useless as it had first seemed!"

"I listen to the album Guilt Machine a lot. Well, not the 'album.' I listen to the first track over and over again. Maybe I would like the other tracks as well, but I'm fine with what I've got. This, or the equivalent of this, happens in multiplayer games also. When you give me the choice via a traditional browser, I'll play the same ten percent of a game over and over again. I don't think this is a localized phenomenon, either. Dust. Facing Worlds. E2M1. Blood Gulch. You know these places. Unless there's a new gametype that requires a specific map, it doesn't change for most people. If you could play Team Fortress 2's Payload on Counter-Strike's de_dust, believe: that's what people would do."
Penny Arcade creator Jerry Holkins describing this trope

"It's true that SFIV has a wide selection of characters, and that the highly skilled players serve to demonstrate how skillful and well balanced the game is. Playing with any number of combinations is challenging and interesting online, with the exception of any fight involving Ken, which, as this helpful flow chart perfectly illustrates, is horribly lame....As you can clearly see, the game is 100% fun as long as there are no Ken fights. However, by the time 50% of your fights are against Ken, the fun has dropped down to about 25%. Note that this is regardless of your win ratio or time spent playing; a short losing streak against Vega and Sakura is still 100% fun, while a long winning streak against 75% Ken players is still 0% fun. This is because Ken players unlike any other type of player are stupid pieces of shit who need to be strangled in their sleep."
Ken Fighter IV line graph

Pat: What's with the Ken Brigade?
Matt: What do you mean, "what's with it"? It's always BEEN THERE!

A general description of any given Super Smash Bros.. Melee match.

"Y'see, there is this little thing in game theory called 'dominant strategy'. It tells that if you're given an ultimate method of disposing of obstacles in a game, you're always going to use it. Why even make this complex moves list when you can just one-button-mash your way through the game?!"

Overwatch Team Tips

Let me show you something.
(Summons pie chart showing SPYRALs as five sixths of the chart)
This part, the part with the SPYRALs, that's the people who play to win. See that other part? That's me. I went to Worlds, I had my Reactor deck, I spent months on it, and I lost before I even knew what happened. You and me, we are in that little slice right now, playing Metallizing Parasites, and Gemini Turbo. The rest of the world is playing SPYRALs.
The One Whose Shape was Snatched, Rank 10 YGO, Archetype Archive - Vampire