Quotes / Colour-Coded for Your Convenience

Miko: What proof do you have that you did not vanquish a stalwart defender of the weak in your mad lust for treasure?
Roy: Ummm…its scales weren’t all shiny?
Miko: Ah. Then its destruction was just and necessary.
Elan: Dragons: Color-coded for your convenience!
—“The Order of the Stick”, #207

”Red is the color of the passions, of blood […] pink bears the promise of blushing into red someday, hence it is stirring, arousing, a euphemism for the flesh color […] Black, black for the night, the nature, the animal descent to our roots, sex and death mix together in blackness […] green for envy, rebellion against death by the living, belligerent insistence on fruitfulness […] Gold is ostentation, a retreat into the material, the metallic. Silver is a half-lie, a pretense of lack of greed. Yellow and orange mimic gold with their hues […] White is the cipher, untainted death, promise of purity, a question, not an answer. Purple is what you get when red has its way with blue, a bruise, a mocking, a bacchanal […] The hunter triumphant wears purple. […] Blue is the color of disconnectedness, of the empty sky, distant and pretending to attain to heaven. Blue thinks that nothing can bring it down to earth.”