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Quotes: Clueless Aesop
"Batman decides to smack Silver around a bit…but it’s okay, because she understands that he did it because he loves her and thinks she might be a robot. Oh well. At least he apologizes. This is all done, I swear to God, so that Batman can learn that not everyone is a robot. He has to learn to trust. And by that, I of course mean that he has to act like an idiot for the rest of the story because that’s the only way the plot can come to any semblance of working."

"The episode's message ends up completely garbled. Intended as a condemnation of homophobia, the episode instead comes off as the story of one woman's brave quest for cock in the face of lesbian tyranny."
Cracked, on Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Outcast"

"Somehow shooting a diamond and consigning Rassilon to death in the hell of the Time War is acceptable, but shooting Rassilon himself is not. Letting the Master walk into the Time War is acceptable, putting a bullet in him is not. Apparently 'how the Master started' has everything to do with projectiles and nothing to do with an actual system of ethics. Wilf's military service renders him noble, but the use of a gun is wrong. There is no substance to this, just a mess of would-be principles masquerading as a moral."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The End of Time"

"Just to make sure we get that Chisolm’s a bad guy, we note that he’s really fat and greasy looking. He quotes FDR, noting that while he mistakenly got us to fighting with the Nazis, he was still a 'very brilliant man.' (They have Chisolm mispronounce ‘Delano,’ just to make sure that we know he’s a fraud and a doofus.) As Roosevelt was the architect of Big Government as we know it today, I’d have thought that he would be the last guy militia types would be quoting. But what do I know? ...Let’s put aside that the filmmakers might have feared alienating the presumably large pro-gun segment of Seagal's fanbase (such as it now is). More to the point, most if not all of Seagal’s films revolve around evil plots perpetrated by elements of the U.S. Government. So he’s hardly in a position to point at others and yell ‘paranoia.’"
Jabootu on The Patriot

"If Mazes & Monsters is supposed to be a warning to parents about the dangers of role-playing games, it's not a very good one. I mean, it's making a better counter-argument than anything. Consider all of the troubled youths in this picture: most raised by unbalanced or broken families ranging between neglectful to oppressive, patronizing to alcoholic and abusive. It's a strong indicator that the true failure here lies (if I may wax Jungian here) with the poisoned home environments and (or am I waxing Freudian?) repressed issues with their parents, be it Jay Jay's inferiority complex, Robbie's guilt over his brother, or Kate's exclusive attachment to male friends as an outlet for her Electra complex brought on by the denial of a strong male influence in her life... What I'm saying— what the movie appears to be saying— is that these kids were messed-up long before they heard of Mazes & Monsters. Hell, if anything, I'd suggest the game brought relatively unlikeable characters like Jay Jay and Robbie into a group where their youth and childhood traumas might have otherwise alienated them. Dare I say the fellowship of their gaming group kept them doing violent acts to themselves or others as evidenced by Jay Jay being saved from suicide by the notion of bringing a new dimension to the game and enjoyment to his friends. Don't get me wrong, Robbie is unquestionably Xenu-shit insane, but he's not insane because he played Mazes & Monsters. He plays Mazes & Monsters and happens to be insane."

"When Molly told Nephrite how she felt, she was being true to herself! See where that got her? Stupid bitch should have kept her mouth shut."
Sailor Moon, giving a "Sailor Says" for episode 16 of Sailor Moon Abridged

"So, this episode was about cheating. I don't know how, exactly. I mean, it seemed pretty kosher to me. The pencil was hers, after all. Just, uh, don't cut corners, kids!"
Sailor Moon, giving a "Sailor Says" for episode 17 of Sailor Moon Abridged

"It's Twilight. Twi-fucking-light! They don't know what they're talking about! You have to know you 'don't know what you're talking about!"
Doug Walker on vampires and abortion, Breaking Dawn Part 1

"If your movie has a problem with showing people doing stuff, then maybe you shouldn't make a movie about people doing that stuff. You're just confusing the audience."
Diamanda Hagan on Sting: Moment of Truth

Rex: Good night, little tough guy. Remember my story.
Raoul Puke: Why?! What did he teach him?! There was no meaning to the story. Those little bastards are still making fun of him, so nothing’s changed. Is the moral, "never grow up?" "Always be a momma’s bird?" Bullshit! This is a horrible lesson.

It is interesting to see them try to draw positive messages from what was not inherently a positive strip; at times, it’s bending it a bit. Peppermint Patty gets quoted for “The world is full of beautiful plants and flowers, but I’m just an ugly weed. I’m a poor ugly weed trying to push her way up through the sidewalk of life!” That is linked to the uplifting message “Be Real”. Ah, the negative self image is a virtue!
The AAUGH Blog on the Peanuts book Be Unique

"I'm not arguing that The Siege is a deliberately offensive movie. It's not that brainy. In its clumsy way, it throws in comments now and then to show it knows the difference between Arab terrorists and American citizens. But the prejudicial attitudes embodied in the film are insidious, like the anti-Semitism that infected fiction and journalism in the 1930s—not just in Germany, but in Britain and America."

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