->''"Grrrraaah!! You lowly girls over there! That guy is '''MY''' thing, don't use it as you like!!"''
-->-- '''Mei Ijuin''', ''[[TokimekiMemorial Tokimeki Memorial 2]]''

->''"Say that somebody tries to make a move on you\\
In the blink of an eye, I'll be there too\\
And they better know why I'm gonna make 'em pay\\
Till their dyin' day'\\
Till their dyin' day\\
Till their dyin' day"''
-->-- '''Gladys Knight''', ''Film/LicenceToKill''

->''"[-BACK OFF! HE'S MINE!-]"''
-->-- '''Orihime''' referring to Ichigo, [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy displaying a stark contrast to her canon personality]] in ''Manga/{{Bleach}} [[AbridgedSeries Abridged]]''

->'''Elena''': I'll see you sooner or later. Nya, nya.\\
'''Zick''': Alright, what's wrong with you, Elena?\\
'''Elena''': I don't like girls who introduce themselves.\\
'''Zick''': Yeah, she introduced herself to me.
-->-- ''MonsterAllergy''

->'''Kim''': ''That was weird.''\\
'''Monique''': ''[[SecretRelationship Secret girlfriend]] weird?''\\
'''Kim''': ''No. He'd tell me. Why wouldn't he?''\\
'''Monique''': ''Because you'd go all 'jeal.''\\
'''Kim''': ''Jeal?''\\
'''Monique''': ''Green eyed!''\\
'''Kim''': ''[[ComicallyMissingThePoint My eyes have always been green]].''\\
'''Monique''': ''[-JEALOUS-]!''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''

->''"Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?"''
-->-- '''Literature/TheBible''' (New International Version), Proverbs 27:4

->''"Call my man again and I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up!\\
Touch my man again and I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up!"''
-->-- '''Kaci Battaglia''', ("Crazy Possessive")

->''"But the more I hint that I want to finish it, the tighter [Lavender] holds on. It's like going out with the giant squid."''
-->-- '''Ron Weasley''', ''Literature/HarryPotter''

-> '''Yuki''': [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace You're in my personal space]].\\
'''Yuno''': I ''am'' your personal space!
--> ''MiraiNikki'' [[TheAbridgedSeries Abridged]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPRhlFFIvns episode 1]]

-> '''Yuno''': Don't worry, Yuki, I won't let anybody hurt you. Or approach you, or talk to you, or look at you, or think about you. If they even so much as use your name in a sentence I'll-
--> ''MiraiNikki'' [[TheAbridgedSeries Abridged]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPRhlFFIvns episode 2]]

->''"Who is Lenne? ...Why am [[ExtremeDoormat I]] ''so mad''? ...'''Who the''' '''''[[GoshDangItToHeck heck]]''''' '''is Lenne?!'''"''
-->'''Yuna''', ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2''

->''"Let's stop playing, Ruff," I threw back my winter cloak and gripped the haft of my axe. "Hiccup is '''mine.''' He's been mine since [[HandicappedBadass he]] had two feet. He's been mine since you could see the top of his head. Hel, he was mine even before I gave him the time of day! Go marry Snotlout or Fishlegs, but if you try for Hiccup, it'll cost you." I smirked. "Badly."''
->''Ruff's eyes widened, then narrowed. "You haven't got a father to speak for you, Astrid. You've lost this already."''
->''"I don't need a father to speak for me!" I hissed, and my axe was suddenly in my hands, pressed against her throat. "I can speak for myself! Can you, Ruffnut Thorston?"''
->''"Anything you can do, I am automatically queen of!" Ruff retorted, and I could feel another blade pressed against my stomach.''
-->--''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6728541/1/Talking_in_Her_Sleep Talking In Her Sleep]]'', a HowToTrainYourDragon fanfic. [[DeliberateValuesDissonance Yes,]] the two girls belong to a ProudWarriorRace.

-> [[CreepyMonotone "Why did you initiate physical contact with another woman?"]]
-->'''Eska''', ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''