Quotes / Clark Kenting

"If you don't buy that, don't bother watching the show."
Dean Cain, Lois and Clark DVD commentary track

Chris: The thugs arrive and start asking where Secord is, even though Cliff is right in front of them wearing the same outfit that he wore while flying around on his jetpack, minus the helmet. Apparently dude only has the one jacket, although really, that jacket is the only one you ever need.
Matt: Yeah, why would you ever change it? And clearly he’s a different guy. His head is a normal human head, and that other guy had a metal head with a rudder!
Chris: Also he is very clearly standing on the ground and not flying.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on The Rocketeer

Fisto: Hey, Mekaneck, what's Prince Adam doing fighting Modulok, all shirtless and glorious?
Mekaneck: That can't be Prince Adam, Fisto. Prince Adam's giant green cat doesn't wear a mask.
Seanbaby, on He-Man.

"It appears that you've been living two lives. In one life, you're Thomas A. Anderson, program writer for a respectable software company. You have a Social Security number, you pay your taxes, and you— (Beat) ...help your landlady carry out her garbage."
Agent Smith, The Matrix

Calvin: She's coming in! Quick! Get in the covers! Pretend we've just been reading in bed!
Hobbes: But she knows you attacked her and ran outside half an hour ago!
Calvin: That was Stupendous Man! Not mild-mannered Calvin! I've been in bed with my PJs since 8:00.
Hobbes: You think she's going to believe that?
Calvin: (getting irritated) My covers are here. My pajamas are here. It's as plain as can be!

"When Superman wakes up in the morning, he's Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red 'S', that's the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears — the glasses, the business suit — that's the costume. That's the costume Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He's weak. He's unsure of himself. He's a coward. Clark Kent is Superman's critique on the whole human race. Sorta like Beatrix Kiddo and Mrs. Tommy Plimpton."
Kill Bill vol. II

Peter Parker: I used to be so much better at this whole secrets thing...
Betty Brant: Don't kid yourself, Peter. You always sucked at it. We were all just too blind to put it together.

Samantha Wilkins: How did you—?
Professor Hiles: Are you kidding me? You're not even wearing a mask.
Invincible #4

"They're them, I have it all figured out, see. You know how Clark Kent puts his glasses on and suddenly nobody can tell he's Superman? The same thing. You can stare at the video all day, I know because I have, but your brain just refuses to make the connection unless you force it to. The magic even extends to MPEG. How else could someone in that outlandish costume go incognito?"

"You are all fools! All he does is put on and remove his glasses! That's his whole disguise! And yet somehow nobody figures out that they are the same guy? Come on!"
—One of the comments (by Carteeg_Struve) in Merry Zodmas: Christmas Specials. But he/she was talking about Zod and the Nostalgia Critic.

Lori: Let's review: you always disappear when the wolf shows up, and you reappear when the wolf is gone, but you're never together at the same time. You do the math.
Tommy: That doesn't mean a thing! Take Clark Kent and Superman. They're never together in the same place at the same time.

The Flash: I still don't get why you don't do more to protect your identity. This new Lantern? Kyle? His mask covers most of his face. Smart kid.
Green Lantern: Clark hides behind a pair of glasses and you're worried about me?
The Flash: Clark slouches, wears clothes two sizes too big and raises his voice an octave.

"Hel-lo? Danny Fenton? Danny Phantom? Ever notice the similarities?"
Dark Danny, lampshading this trope for his younger self.

"That's right ... Peter Parker took photos. Of himself. And sold them to this man who never, ever wondered why this one guy could get nearly all the photos of Spider-Man ... all the time."
Jon Stewart commenting on J. Jonah Jameson, from the Civil War fanfic "Commentary"

Carol: "Hal? HAL?"
Hal: "How did you know it was me?"
Carol: "I've known you my whole life! I've seen you naked! You think I wouldn't recognize you because I can't see your cheekbones?!?"

Fiore’s real superpower may be being the only one in the entire anime who has the ability to see that Sailor Moon and Usagi Tsukino look exactly the same. He only met her once, too, and he doesn’t even know her name. Putting everyone else to shame.

Beast Boy: "But what about my secret identity!?"
Raven: "What secret identity? You're green."

Ernst Stavro Blofeld: It takes more than a few props to turn 007 into a Herald. [breaks Bond's glasses]
James Bond: It'll take more than cutting off your earlobes, Blofeld, to turn you into a Count.

Danny: God, this is the most cliched thing, but - do I know you from somewhere? You look awfully familiar.
Amber: (panicked look) Y-you've never met me before. Look, I wear glasses. GLASSES.

Pa Kent: "Now listen to me, Clark! This great strength of yours — You've got to hide it from people or they'll be scared of you!"
Ma Kent: "But when the time comes, you must use it to assist humanity."

"Kara Danvers" is a tool for you to walk amongst the people you protect.
Director Chase to Supergirl, Supergirl (Rebirth) #1

Kara: This is how they see you.
Clark: I guess... It's very flattering, but I don't really think about it.
Kara: You're their champion. Bigger than life. No wonder the eyeglasses work — Nobody would look for you dressed like them!
Superman/Batman #9, second part of The Supergirl from Krypton story arc

Clark Kent: I don't need X-Ray Vision to tell me when someone's hiding behind a disguise.
Lois Lane: Me either.
Clark: Only if it's not right in front of your face.
Lois: I would've figured it out. Eventually.
Clark: You keep believing that.